Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Homemade Flashcard

I mentioned before about Adelea who still yet to talk like other children at her age {read here}. But, now I don’t want to worry so much about that.

I guess, there are other important things that I should emphasize on my daughter development. It is early childhood education (ECE). After few ‘husband & wife’ arguments discussions, we plan, when she reached 2 years old, we will change her to other nursery which provides ECE. But, my house area is quite new, so it’s a bit difficult to find a well-known nursery which provides ECE. I saw something “caliph caliph” nearby my house, but never check whether they accept kid age 2 years or not. later lahhh….when Adelea reach almost 2 years old. For the time being, let her play with all that baby toys 1st. I never been to kindergarten also, still I can read before I enter standard 1.

But……one day, while busy scrolling down my instagram news, checking on any important updates that I’ve missed out *bahahahaha* (my company wifi blocked instagram. So unfair!), I saw a post about my friend’s son, and the caption is about this little boy who only about 2 years old and plus already able to read in English and Malay. So I call her up, and her advice to me is to expose Adelea with words.

What amaze me is, the age of his son. I thought 2 years old is too early to burden the kid with A B C 1 2 3 Alif Baa Taa. But, this has really changed my perspective on what a 2 years old kid able to do. And the best part is, she teach her son at home. OMG speechless.

By the way….thanks a lot friend. (You know who you are. Sure you’ll receive lot of calls after this. Famous u sekarang…hehehe)

So, cancel with 2-years-old-only-start-ECE. It will start as soon as now *printing the words and run to the photocopy machine super fast to get the print out* but…..later la I start to train Adelea. Hehehehe.

I start with 5 words.
(I’m a bit hesitating about this, because I think it is a difficult word. But later I think, I don’t ask her to spell, I just want her to recognize words)





Lucky that Asan’s mother is call as Atuk also, otherwise you’ll have 6 1st words instead of 5 duhai Adelea. Ha ha ha.

So, later I’ll update on the result. If no update meaning, I never start or failed.

Be positive.


  1. betul tu kak. Sama cara kita ajar Umar. skang dia dah tau 1-15 ikut turutan yang betul. A B C D, alif ba ta..surah al-fatehah, and turutan sembahyang yang betul, sujud, rukuk, tahiyat, doa. Yg penting kna rajin ulang, ulang, ulang, ulang sebanyak mungkin. and dont use baby's word, pelat-pelat tu suma takmo tau!

    1. adoiyai...baby's word....tula kelemahan akak....help!!!!