Tuesday, 10 September 2013

6 hours kurung modern

This week, I have a wedding to attend. It’s the wedding of close relatives of my husband, so we will go to both bride & groom site. My outfit for that 2 days is completed, now the problem is Adelea have no traditional outfit to wear. Although, she would never care if her outfit for that day is only legging & loose t-shirt, but, mother being mother, especially when it comes to her children clothes, always want the best!

Today is Sunday – I still have 5 more days to complete that. What’s the rushhhh?

Monday – still have 4 days.

Wednesday – I started to feel the tension, but hey…..2 days is long enough for me to make a kurung modern. I have CSI to watch. Sounds like a pro, huh?

Friday – OMG! Tomorrow is the day of that wedding!!!

So, that night, I started to sew the Kurung modern. This time, is not very difficult to me, because I have tried few times before, so I’m quiet ok & understand what to do & what not to do. Thanks God, I didn’t feel sleepy that night, perhaps the feel of fear of not able to finish sewing the kurung modern is so much more than feel of fear of having eye bag tomorrow morning. Gosh! I should have started this from Sunday!

I started about 11+ pm and finish at 6+ am. Oh, it’s more than 6 hours!!

This . is . the . result.

View from a distance. Isn’t that cute?

But, it wasn’t that cute if close-up, so a picture of it is not necessary. *big sigh*

I’m so happy to see my daughter in the kurung modern I specially made for her. It’s not an ordinary kurung modern. It’s so special because I have put so much love & affection, not forget willing to sacrifice my sleeping time and energy while feeling envy looking at my husband & my daughter who sleeping soundly.

Do I feel sleepy the next day?


I slept all the way from Klang to Banting to Sendayan to Seremban 2 back to Sendayan to Damansara to Klang in the car.

When I met my siblings at Erin’s open house on the same day, I give them a puzzle.

“What is the function of lace & ribbon?”

Only 2 of them answer it correctly.

The correct answer is “to cover the not-very-neat’ stitches”. Bahahahaha!

At the neck area, I add self-made ribbon. Self-made hoccay! self-made.

At the bottom of the kurung modern, I add ‘old-school’ lace.

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