Thursday, 12 September 2013

Durian Cheesecake for September

Yesterday, my department celebrate staff birthday for September month. There are 3 of us, so we discuss & agreed, the cake will be a biiiiiiiiit expensive than other month, and since Durian Cheesecake from Secret Recipe has been top news among us recently, we decided, we’ll go for Durian Cheesecake from Secret Recipe this month.

“It’s so so so nice. You know I’m not lying when you taste it on your own” while showing her thumb.

“I bought yesterday. Manyak syok worrrrr. Lugi you tak rasa”

“It has more durian taste than the cheese. This 1 is not lie. Real Durian Cheesecake”

“It’s seasonal and not all branch have that. you have to hurry”

….are among the reviews and the last review strengthen the “why” we want that Durian Cheesecake for this month.

Take a group photo before the cake cutting

Blowing the candle. only 1 candle to show 1 year is added in our timeline. bahahahaha
Candid. The face of "I can't wait for the 1st bite"

Candid again.


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