Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Love the Leafy Green

High blood pressure & Low blood pressure, which is worse?

I was diagnosed with low blood pressure since about a year ago, and that surprised me. Judging from the overload works & stress at my office, the reading may be wrong. I thought it just a one-off case, so I’m not really care about that. If I’m not mistaken, it all started on 1 night, I woke up from sleep because I feel nausea. Then I vomit 3 times within ½ an hour, Tomyam flavor! The next day, I feel dizzy & headache all day.

It doesn’t attack me frequently, Ermmmmmm…..average once every 2 months, and the last time I had that is couple weeks ago. Everytime I went to see doctor, the doctor say the same; low blood pressure. Funny is, each doctor suggests different remedy of low blood pressure. That was not weird, they graduated from different University. Bahahahaha.

The last doctor that I went to, his advice is to take more leafy green. I have no problem with that. Leafy green & I used to be good friend, until – {read the story of my enmity with leafy green}.

I’m kind of person who cannot stand pain. During my school/university/before married time, I’ll try hard to get MC on the 1st day period, because I know I’ll get that annoying period pain. I just want to lay down & sleep, because I don’t want to feel the pain. The period pain gone after I give birth. Oh my. Thanks god. Now I wonder how I was able to get past the contraction pain???

Contraction pain is the most pain I ever had – so far. You definitely don’t want me to tell back the giving birth moments I experienced before, right? But you can check on my post label delivery.

I started to google about low blood pressure. 1 of the articles I read, it stated about dehydration can cause low blood pressure. And this dehydration is resulted from prolonged exercise, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and etc. I always get nausea & vomiting on day before & dizziness the next day. From all the articles I read, most of them state to take enough of plain water to help circulate blood pressure.

I’m not a medical practitioner here, so, I’m not ‘authorized’ to give ‘advice’. However, I can understand that low blood pressure is the opposite effect of high blood pressure remedy if it is done excessively. For example, exercise.

If someone suffering from high blood pressure, he is advised to regularly do exercise to help circulate the blood pressure. But, if too much exercise with less intake of water, may caused to dehydration and resulted to low blood pressure – the symptoms dizziness,

Vomiting for example, because of too many fluids out of the body, it can lead to dehydration. And the story continues.

Therefore, whatever we do, do it moderately.

My friend jokes, on how I should increase my blood pressure by find something that can make me piss off & depressed. Errrr….I think I have enough of both. I can easily get that from my office & my kitchen.

Oh yeah. If like that, I think the fastest remedy will be when I went to see doctor that time.

Guys….if you have low blood pressure, you might want to check out for this remedy. Hahah!

p/s:all pictures are from google.


  1. saya pon low blood pressure kak..pernah 2 kali masuk hospital, muntah-muntah, pitam, pengsan..xde ubat apa pon doktor bagi, just masuk air jek and rehat smpai stabil.

    masa pregnant dulu check up kt hospital trus, bukan klinik biasa sbb bnda nilah..dok kata kna tmbah berat badan sket, byk minum air, rehat..

    smpai skang pon tak tau apa ubat sbnrnya...hmmm

    1. doctor kata pun benda yang sama, kena jaga pemakanan & ambil air masak yang mencukupi. akak tanya boleh suggest apa2 supplement ke? doctor cakap better ambil naturally macam sayur sebab kesan lagi cepat dari supplement. so doctor memang tak apa2 medication, selain untuk muntah.