Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bangkok/Pattaya trip: City Tour | Part 1

The morning we want to leave for Bangkok, we saw a stand signboard read “Indian Breakfast” with an arrow pointing to the left. We ignore that 1st, because we thought we going to meet frustration again remembering back the food at Marine & Safari Park. But when few mention “roti canai sedap”, we have to check them out.

Eh…do you watch a video, a man – he is a roti canai maker – there is scene he baths at a river, he uses a very old & dirty cloth to rub his body then he went off to work – the kedai that he worked, and he used the same cloth to cover the uncooked roti canai…….the cashier sees it but only shake his head……then a customer order a roti canai, eat it & show his thumb to the cashier signaling that the roti canai is sedap!!

Oh my oh my…..boleh kena heart attack.

And you know what, when I eat that roti canai, I was totally forgotten about that video & Asan reminded me of that!!! erghhhh…roti canai dia lembut tau, I said to Asan trying to influence him to eat too. & he said “you know how it become lembut right?” hahahahaha

Roti canai 2.

 Ok ok back to Bangkok story.

After lunch, we direct to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. As the name goes, it displays wax figurine of many famous people from artist, politicians, sports and many more. Let’s watch them.

My favorite of them all, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir. Eventhough they just put his figure at the corner, as is he’s not important to the world….helloooooo....please get a newspaper.
Small picture are Soekarno & Mahatma Ghandi.

President of USA - Barack Obama. Errr....not the yellow one.

 Uhhh…well, are they related back to their ancestors. The hairstyle says all.
Dr.Phornthip & Albert Einstein.

You beat her in that match? Like seriously? Serena Williams.

David Beckham, Mr-I-don't-know-you, Wayne Rooney

Beyonce with her sexy booty calling all the single ladies.

Mr & Mrs Pitt (Brad Pit & Angelina Jolie)

Michael Jackson

I’m honored to be here. Oprah Winfrey.

My heartbreaker!! George Clooney

And last but not least some faces that we never bored seeing them on television. hehehe

Jim Carey, Nicholas Cage, Will Smith & Hugh Jackman (also famous known as Wolverine)

I’ll definitely remember this place for quite a long time, not only because of what displayed there, but what I had left there. I did not realize my spectacle has drop while me busy strike a pose with the wax figurine.

Another reason for window shopping.

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