Monday, 14 October 2013

Bangkok/Pattaya Trip: Food shock & jetlag

We booked the 1st flight. And due to large number of people in our group, we have to reach KLIA very early to avoid not-enough-time for check-in. I’m so against wake up too early in the morning, but surprisingly, I didn’t complaint that day & I got no headache also. I guess the excitement to go to Bangkok & Pattaya heal that.

That night we send Adelea to my sister, to export her to my mom. Hehehe.

But…..! The counter is yet to open when we reach KLIA *nak luku kepala agency tu kejap*. So everybody start to look for the best spot for them to lie down & sleep, if, only we can sleep. Our spot: the corner of a big advertisement board.

This time, we manage to get Thai Airways. Weeehooooooooo we were! Best kot, ada TV. Until the news aired about one of Thai Airways Aircraft crash on landing, that weeeehoooooo gone…….can we change flight, pleassseeee *and make that Puss in boots eyes*

We didn’t change flight. The Puss in boots eyes trick is not working.

I already had bad impression, and when the airplane tilted a bit…..GOSH!!!!! But the scared to death feeling gone when I start to heard noodles bla bla bla chicken bla bla bla. The cabin crew has started to serve the breakfast. Yeah!! Makan time. When they getting nearer to our seat we heard clearly - Chicken noodles or Omelette with chicken sausage?

Oh wow…then both of us goes you take noodles & I take omelet. So we can taste both. The beauty of travelling with partner.

Both taste nice. But I can’t tell exactly it because of me who is starving that time or it really taste nice. Whatevs….we ate them all until nothing left.

Reaching Suvarnabhumi Airport, the captain announces, it is heavy raining, thus, the landing will a bit delay. I hate to hear that & the scared to death feeling come again. The airplane make a round flying in the air for a while and suddenly…………….DUMPPBBBBBBBB!!!!!!

My bump lifted from the seat! What was that what was that??????? It’s freaking scary!

Everybody was like screaming, and keep on oh my oh my oh my….*pelakon agaknya diorang ni, terror berlakon*

*I want to go home now……*

I keep on pray “Dear God, please ensure my daughter have a bright future in this world & hereafter, eventhough without us”

This time, I recite Syahadah until the pilot do the landing safely, and some passengers give big clap for that. hahahahaha. The cabin crew must be laughing at us. Jakun sangat korang nih. Geli hati i.

While waiting for luggage pick-up, then only I found out, the airplane actually hit the air turbulence. Can be that bad???? Aiyohhhhh terrible worrrrr…

Our 1st itinerary for that day is, we going to Safari & Marine Park. At Marine Park, we will be having our lunch there, and also watching the Dolphin show. Yeaaaaaaah say the local tour guide. Alahai…Dolphin je.

About the food, the agency told us that there will be Halal Food section separate with Non-Halal Food. However, I saw many Muslims line up at No-Halal Food sign counter. Quickly I rush to our agency, and he pointed to me to the Halal Section. And I ask back “there (pointing my finger at the no-halal food sign) not halal?”

He said “no”.

I quickly wave my hand while showing “NO” to my friend waiting at the no-halal food sign counter and shout “NO NO NO….”

The local agency saw my action, and she quickly grabs my hand and says “don’t worry, eventhough no-halal sign, our chicken all certified Halal by Thailand Islamic Council (I don’t know the real name). You can eat. Don’t worry don’t worry”.

This local agency sangatlah sesuatu. So I decided, I will not eat. I went to the Halal section, looking for halal food. And I almost laugh when I saw the food, is not really Halal food. I saw Indian Food! Most of it is vegetarian food.

By the way, Thailand is not a muslim country. So who am I to ask for Halal food? Even in Malaysia, not all restaurants are Halal, apatah lagi yang bukan Negara islam. Baca doa tahan lapar sekarang.

 So, if you want to go there, just be careful. As I said, it’s not a Muslim country, so don’t expect something that you can get from a muslim country.

P/s – just enjoy your moment there.

Here are the dolphin show the local tour guide excited about. Booooo…

At the Safari park, I’m trying to capture any never-seen-before wildlife.

Then we enter the Carnivour area. There are many signboards written as beware, dangerous…..

Pleaseeeee…….i know they are not dangerous anymore.


Semua stock-stock kena suntik. Kesian diorang. Nasiblah……

Then we take a move to Pattaya, it’s quite a long journey, I never thought it was that far. Quite tiring especially when we don’t have enough sleep night before & after more than 12 hours still tak dapat berada dalam posisi terbongkang.

We have dinner at Harbour Restaurant. The food is oookaayyyy-lah. That night we were served with Chineese Food taste-like. Quite ok.

After that we take a move to watch Alcazar Show.

But before the show start, we walk (laju-laju) to Hard Rock Café Pattaya, as usual to buy the signature shirt.

You know Pattaya is famous with this 1 kind of show. Hehehehe.

They are so pretty. I’m so jealous of them. You know what, I feel like, ok I swear after this I won’t leave home with messy look. Will do facial at least once in 2 weeks. Will keep on smiling, avoid stern face, always put on eyeliner, always put on lip balm….many things. But, before I went off to sleep that night, come this thought “they are pretty but they are not natural. I choose natural over pretty”.

*and I don’t understand why malas & I = we have such a good chemistry. Ngamm punya*

We stay at Golden Beach Resort Hotel. Not a 5 stars (what do you expect????) but it’s comfortable. Quite big, tub bathroom and city view. But the TV is still the TV of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Orang dah buat aquarium dah TV jenis ni, hotel ni pakai lagi. Adoiyaiiii.

That night, we went out to look for my topi pelancong. You know….the round one with wide cover bla bla bla…

We went out about 10 pm, and not many shops still run its business at this time. So we back to Hotel & get enough sleep & rest because tomorrow, we going to Coral Island. Not sure what I’m going to see there, just hope, it’s not turtles!

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