Monday, 7 October 2013

Bangkok/Pattaya trip – Group passport hassle

Might just be me, but I found this very troublesome. Really has made me piss off & the green monster inside me is sharpening its teeth & claws, ready to roar out & eat them all 1 by 1until nothing left to be buried!! *ketap gigi ni!!!!*

The bad experience I had at the Airport, turned me 100% to ONLY USE PERSONAL PASSPORT.

If not because my passport expiry is around 6 months, if I was not thinking the money is better used at the shopping malls/market at Thailand instead of renew it, if the group passport wasn’t free, I won’t join the group passport.

Seriously, I don’t know about the rules that we are not allowed to travel abroad if the passport expiry is less than 6 months. Yaaa…..laugh at meeee. I.don’t.know. I’m safe, I thought when I check my passport expired on Mar’14. It’s not. pfffttttttt!

 So if anyone after this, ask my opinion about travelling using group passport, my answer will be – DON’T. It’s free/cheaper but that come with complimentary problems in 1 package.

Using Group passport, all members must present at all pass-through process; flight & luggage check-in.

Luggage check-in counter, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA):-
No problem here. And silly us, we still can smile and haha there & here. We still think we are safe.

Immigration check-in Counter, KLIA:-
When the group leader handed the group passport to the officer at the counter, the 1st thing she said “is group passport still valid?” **eh…? Kau yang kerja imigresen ke aku? Soalan yang tak sepatutnya ditanya** oh crap! What happen what happen?

The 1st officer then asks the officer beside her (2nd officer) and asks her to ask other person. The 1st officer ask the 3rd officer, the 3rd officer ask the 4th officer……

“Is this still valid?”

“What system to use?”

“How to do this?”

…..among their conversations…..

I don’t understand them really. We applied the passport at the immigration, but their officer seems know nothing about group passport. After few bla bla bla, we manage to pass through. I ask back the tour guide, have them check on the rules & regulation? They confirm they have check, it should be no problem to travel to Thailand using group passport. They even check with the agency based in Thailand, they also confirm it’ll be no problem. But, I can feel, there is problem when we reach Thailand.

During that nerve-wreck process, I quickly text Asan who safely check-in and waiting for me at the train to Departure. He have no idea what’s going on, just to make sure, if I don’t make it, PLEASE TURN BACK. Bahahahaha.

Immigration Check-in counter, Suvarnabhumi Airport:-
When the Group leader handed the passport to the 1st officer, she said “this is my 1st time seeing this” hahah…I knew it.

She instructs us to line up to another counter, the 2nd officer check & check & check, and he seems puzzled. He called the 3rd officer, they talk in their language, ask the group leader this & that, then instruct us to line up to another counter. & the counter name is premium lane/fast lane. Bahahahaha laugh the name. The 4th officer asks this & that again, the 5th officer handed the embarkation form to us to ensure we are as what we are. About 5 minutes the group leader stands in front of the counter & no action taken by the officer other than they talk in their language while shaking their head. Lasttttttttttt…..they instruct us to line up in front of the counter to take group photo and only they let us go. I hate all of them!

Going back to KL.

Luggage check in counter, Suvarnabhumi Airport:-
No problem here.

Immigration Check-in counter, Suvarnabhumi Airport:-
The group leader handed the group passport to the 1st officer. Same thing, he shows puzzled face and LAUGH. He instructs the group leader to give back the embarkation form (arrival) together with the ticket to each of us. While we busy sorting the form, 2nd officer approach us and ask us in their language. Of course we ignore him. When he sees us ignore him, he talks to the 1st officer & both of them LAUGH.

The 2nd officer brings us to the counter at the back. He handed the group passport and all the officers there LAUGH. The 3rd officer instructs us to follow her & she handed the group passport to the 4th officer. They talk & LAUGH. They ask us to go back to that counter & she handed the passport to the 5th officer. All the officers there talks among them & LAUGH. After that 1 by 1 officer (officer 6th, 7th, 8th & counting) come, talk (maybe they ask what is happening) and LAUGH.

Hello COWS, what so FUNNY??????

The way they talk & LAUGH really make me pissed off. Is this their hospitality? Were they trained to LAUGH when they see Group passport? Pity to all of you, & clearly people like you don’t deserve my respect. The way you LAUGH so loud just prove how little attention you have & you dying to get more.

If I know travelling with group passport can be so troublesome, I swear I won’t use.

Seriously I feel like we were treated as we are illegal immigrants! hahaha. I was so mad during all the process, but now writing them make me smile until the last words.


  1. selalunya group passport memang tak advisable to use walaupon much cheaper. your tour guide patutnya lebih arif. kalau sorang sangkut kat kastam, suma skali sangkut.

    1. kata should be no problem. yg problem if leader xde, then semua tak boleh travel...tapi, takpelah...dah lepas...hahah