Friday, 18 October 2013

Bangkok/Pattaya Trip – it’s all about show

Wake up call as early as 6.30 am, but the sky is already as bright as it is 7.30 am. Here, is 1 hour late from Malaysia time.

The hotel that we stay in do not have Halal kitchen. Fret not, I smuggled in Gardenia bread for breakfast for my 2 days stay in Pattaya. Before that, a fresh coffee to start my day.

This is where we assemble waiting for the speed-boat to come to pick us to Coral Island. I noticed, when I climbed up the boat, a man with full-face covered take picture for each of us. I don’t know what he intends to, until…..

But, I did smile. hehe.

When we touch down at the Coral Island, 1st thing I do is look for toilet. I got headache, feeling like want to vomit, at the same time my stomach growling and just can’t wait to flush them out. Yucks!!! I know.

This might due to I sit at the front seating in the speed-boat. I was thought it’ll be so much fun sitting there & I’ll have unlimited view. Then we can berangan & goes I jump you jump….

I just can’t see I’m in the speedboat not Titanic.

That was such a regret & will be the 1st & the last. If I were to get into speedboat again, I’ll just sit at the inside seating. Seksa badan. Zahir dan batin. Pregnant ladies – TAK PAYAH naik speedboat.

So I just keep myself near to the toilet, just in case…..emergency…..

While my friends busy “photograph-ing”, I just enjoy the foods there.

1st is fruits – TB100 for 2 packets of 2 kinds of Mango, a comb of banana. Licin

2nd – TB200 for a plate of sotong bakar. Licin. And the sambal is super marvelous.

3rd – TB100 for a packet of durians. Licin. Masya-Allah super sedap.

After I feel a bit ok, then only we stroll along the beach & take some pictures. But that was near to our lunch time, so not so much pictures. Lunch time….I just can’t wait for that. I was imagining we will be served with something bakar-bakar there. We are on an island, hello!!!

And yes….there are prawns, fishes and finger licking good ---- CRAB. And……timun. Oh my!!! This is suck. I don’t understand this agency that we hired. Last time they were so excellent in finding the best food for us. And that one of the reason why we still hired them again. Next year…they have to go through strict evaluation from us.

Ok, time to go back. I have that mengada-ngada headache & stomach ache again. So, I keep my head down, I can’t look at the sea. Bweekkkkkk!

 Thank goodness we reach the beach safely. And the local tour guide lead us to a man who busy arranging things on a rag. wait....Is that our picture??? This is why the man took our picture just now. They sold our picture. This kind of business pun ada.

We just bought them and influence others to buy their picture also. Both are now safely displayed at the "family picture area".

That evening, we went to Nong Nooch Village. The landscape to the main entrance is very beautiful. We went there to watch show (again) and also elephant show. The 1st show is boring luckily it not so long. We didn’t go watch the elephant show, instead we wander around the area.

I saw this.

A tiger cub chained at the neck. I don’t speak tiger, but somehow I can feel the cub is scared. Being chained, many people watching, loud noise, flash from camera and I’m very sure the cub needs a hug from its mother to calm him down. Just like Adelea, when she scared she’ll come & hug me or Asan.

Why the people are so cruel?? I’m so not supporting this  kind of activity, so I don’t take picture with the tiger or the cub. I don’t understand those who take picture with the tiger/cub are so happy & smiling all the way. Just imagine you are chained.

I personally don't support this kind of activity. Just hope this kind of business activity is no longer being a tourist attraction. So their generation can live a "normal" life. (that include eat human.....hahahaha)

I don’t know…the choice is ours. Next year, if the itinerary is more to watch chained animal, sorry…I don’t feel like joining.

This is another area in the Nong Nooch Village. The landscape is very pretty, like we were in Alice in Wonderland or ice age (summer) or The Ants.

And this is what Asan really wants to see once he saw them from the bus. OMG. so kaya la this person. Feeling like want to add his son/grandson Facebook right now. hahaha.

20 minutes before the assembly time, we saw a look-a-like-tower. Instead of we walk back to the assembly point, we found us running towards that tower. Cepat yang cepat yang…sambil mengah2. It is a 6-storey tower, just imagine how tired we were climbing up, but it’s paid off. The view from up there is fascinating.

Walking down the tower, my legs shaking.....

After that, we went to floating market. According to the local tour local guide, the floating market in Pattaya is replicated from the original floating market at Bangkok.

1st thing that wajib to try – Pulut Mangga.

 That night activity, the local tour guide arrange to watch “big eye show” (Muslims – don’t go), and massage. The massage price is TB500 for 2 hours. Oklah kan. But the girl who massage me is a very young lady, so, her hands is not that powerful like older lady have. but still I fall to sleep.

Tomorrow…Bangkok….here I come.

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