Friday, 18 October 2013

Bucida Court

People in Damansara might have known about this food place. Asan’s cousin told us about this recently & they said, there is live band performance on Saturday night. Like seriously? Oh…and the food is quite nice.

Initially, Adelea seems puzzled with that kind of environment, with loud music and many people, but at the same time she seems awe with the live band. Something new for her. I was a bit afraid, she might doesn’t like it and start to cry or anything. But…when the singer finishes 1 song, she said yeayyyyyy and claps her hand. Whattt???? Again…she pulls out her only daughter charming….

How does she know to do that?

 I ordered Black Pepper Chicken Chop and the price if I’m not mistaken is RM13.90. Quite expensive I know, but that price is o-kay with that level of taste. In malay we say “berasa”. So, how should I say that in English, huh?

Ok, so Black Pepper Chicken Chop (the stall name is Uncle Ron's), is above standard, I'll try other food when I come here again next time.

Before that...that night got Ridzuan Hashim & Shamsul Yusuf & others who I think are the cast/crew from KL Gangster 2. No...they not promoting the film, I think they just having late dinner that night & lepak-ing. I memang suka artis, the reason I open my Instagram account is to follow them. Sekian.

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