Thursday, 17 October 2013

Cupcake from Bisou Bakery

I first know about this bakery is early this year when we celebrated the birthday for Kak Ngah & Asan. We ordered Red Velvet Cake & it is so yummy delicious *lick the spoon*.

For this Adelea 2 years old birthday, I told Asan I want to go to Secret Recipe & buy for her a slice of cake of her choice (but I’ll influence her to choose cheesecake, you know…in case she cannot finish it and Asan don’t like cheesecake, so basically I’ll have 1 ¾ slice of cake…yumm yumm) and Asan said OK. I just want cake, so we will enjoy the moment of eating the cake and remember on her 2 years old birthday we eat cake. Kind of that of moment…..

So that Saturday, we went to One Utama. We settled few things 1st, then straight to Secret Recipe. On the way, the moment our one foot is about to step on the escalator I saw that Bisou Bakery stall. I said….ehh, that bakery also nice. We immediately make a left turn, luckily nobody behind us. 1 cupcake for RM6. Oklah, we don’t want so big cake, I just want the moment.

We ordered 2 cupcakes; Red Velvet & Dark Chocolate (I can’t remember dark what actually).

Adelea saw that & say wowwwwww. Whatttt???? So funny la you.

So that’s our moment on her 2 years old birthday. No party, no piƱata, no cartoon theme, nothing….for the moment I like it this way.

 Then, we went to Toys R Us to find the big bear Asan talks so long time ago wants to buy that for Adelea birthday present. Ermm…what will that be??

By the way, if you want to know more about Bisou cake, here the website. They also show the tastiest way you can enjoy your cupcakes. Hahaha…for me, they all already tasty. Even we swallow 1 whole cupcake we still can know it tasty. Guarantee.

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