Thursday, 24 October 2013

What’s your hobby?

Do you all have? Is hobby still being ask in application forms?

When I was a kid, I understand hobby as collecting stamps, reading, drawing and singing. Oh and dancing.

When I enter high school and stay at hostel, you know there are orientation & ice-breaking session & what’s your hobby will be one of the things that we need to tell in front of the seniors & other freshies other than your name, your nickname, your ambition what so not. And you cannot simply tell you don’t have; you’ll be faced question like “what?? No hobby??” it’s a big issue if you don’t have hobby.

Ever since I was a kid, as far as I can remember, I don’t have any. Look…collecting stamps?? For God sake, the money to buy the album & sort of is better use to buy my stationeries. Reading?? Ok, I do read, but that because I want to pass exam. Drawing singing bla bla bla……I can’t remember what did I tell about my hobby during that orientation & ice breaking, but I’m pretty sure I told an interesting hobby and I lied.

Just like when we being ask about our ambition. Everyone would tell a bombastic kind of; we got lawyer, lecturer, doctor, scientist…none would tell they want to be a fireman. Ahhhhh….don’t deny.

As per the 2 definitions above, the keyword is leisure time.

Well…if I can summarize, during bercinta time, my leisure time is filled with dating with Asan, talking on the phone with him & exchange text messages for hours. If not, sleeping is the next best activity. So can I say dating & sleeping is my hobby?

And now, I have a daughter who needs my attention almost 24 hours/day; that include ride the Glider with her & make an 180˚ u-turn with funny face to make her laugh. (Oh I haven’t told about the Glider, later ok). So can I say playing with my daughter is my hobby?

I really want have one. I went for an interview in a company (I hate this company, went for interview 3 times, I was confident I can get that position. Because last interview is with the Finance Director, but the Finance Director keep questioning about my commitment to work because I have a small kid at home. At the 1st place, if you want someone who can give you 200% commitment but you don’t want to tolerate for emergency, don’t call a mother with a small kid for interview --- 3 times. Waste my time. I can give my 100% commitment during works, but if you cannot tolerate if I have emergency, I also don’t want to work with your company. Companies that don’t offer work-life-balance are medieval).

During the 1st interview, the Manager asks me what my hobby is. Like seriously? I never thought hobby is something that we’ll be asked in an interview. I don’t prepare for that ancient question.

But, I can’t say “I don’t have” and I can’t say “blogging” too. Nak mampus? Immediately I say “I love sewing when I have leisure time”. Crap!! Hopefully they don’t ask, what did I sew….

Who in your family is also sewing? Whattttt?? “My mother, but she only sews for her kids”

But, if they ask me, what is my interest, then sewing is a truthful answer. I’ll add flavor in my answer so that the Manager won’t ask anything about sewing after that “I love sewing and something related to art. But, I believe education is the best way to guarantee a better life in future. And when we already have education, we should add with hardworking, efficient, think far and last but not least understand how to make money in every second we live”.

I believe in this quote – be whatever we want to be, but please ensure it can generate money for us.

I realize this quote is so true, but I still fail to get the money work for me in every second I live. I’m working on it. Coming soon, Insha-Allah. Hope Allah S.W.T eases the way.

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