Friday, 1 November 2013

Bangkok/Pattaya Trip : City Tour | Part 2

We stay at First Hotel Bangkok. About that hotel, I don’t like this agency’s choice this time.

First – some of my friends google-d about that hotel & found out that, that hotel is haunted.
When we raised that haunted issue to the agency, their reply “this is not our 1st time bring tourists to that hotel, and nobody ever bumped to any ghost…..…..”
Then what?? You wait for us to bump with that ghost then only you stop bring tourist there? Stupid answer. Personally, I already banned this agency.

Second – the overall condition of that hotel is a disappointment.
When we reached there, most of our rooms are not ready. The elevators are small and can only accommodate less than 10 peoples at one time. One of it suddenly broken when we (about 80 of us) is assemble & line up to get into the elevator. So u just imagine how long we waited to get into that elevator.

Third – my room is another disappointment.
When I enter my room, it has smell like damp cloths. We got 2 single beds and my bed has creepy sound everytime I moved. The bed sheets a bit dusty & smell like damp cloths as well as the towels. Everything extra in the room will be charged extra in our bill.

Some of my friends got rashes all over her body & the main suspect is the bed sheets.
Some of my friend being charged for the map that they put inside the room, Eventhough we have explain many times that there are no map in their room when they enter. And the map is not new. The map in my room already torn. They recycled it. Ethics below par.

Fourth – no free wifi.
OMG, this is the most unacceptable.

Fifth – the dinner is below standard
Entah……no words for that.

Not that I’m not thankful with the foods served in front of my eyes, But is this what we get for what we have pay? Seriously…how you all do business?

Ok, forget about that agency & that hotel, just don’t hire the same agency next year. Don’t!you – ever – think – to – submit – your – quotation!

I didn’t take any photos of the hotel or my room, not interested at all.

So, it’s free & easy after the hotel check-in. The local tour guide suggests to go to Platinum Mall, there are lot of shops that sell goods at very cheap price (and the woman start to “yesssssss!”). She said that, normally those sellers at sempadan got their supplies from here. For me that Platinum Mall is more likely as GM Klang or any other wholesale store that we have in Malaysia. The price and quality is also more or less the same, but we will get a very cheap price or the wholesale price if we buy in bulk.

So we decided, we better go to Hard Rock Café Bangkok. Beli t-shirt, bukan cucuk langit. Initial plan is, we will only go to Hrd Rock tonigh, we going to walk to there. Yaaaaaa we just want to enjoy an evening in Bangkok. Because, the local tour guide told us this when we ask on the direction “it’s not so far, you go out from hotel, go to your right, turn left, straight then you can see the Hard Rock already. About 15 to 20 minutes walking journey”.

Yeah right! They are local so they feel it is that near. Actually it’s not that near, so be careful when the locals say “it very near”.

The local tour guide & our agency advised not to charter Tuk-Tuk because it not safe & no insurance. We so degil, some more, we don’t have Tuk-Tuk back in Malaysia. So we decided, once for a while, we makan asap, that’ll be fine. On the way to Hard Rock Café Bangkok, I saw many motorcycle parked at the roadside, and the motorcyclist sitting on it. Each of them wearing an orange vest, later only I found out in Bangkok, motorcycle is also use for public transport. They call it motorcycle-taxi. If you want to ride them, please ensure the motorcyclist offer free helmet for you. The traffic is not as safe as Bali.

Ok, we was charged TB100 for 1 way. But, it actually depends, the fairer you are (I mean if you are Mat Salleh) I think they’ll charge you more. I think……I told you being tan is much more benefit.

And lucky we didn’t walk to Hard Rock that night, lucky we found that Platinum Mall is not that interesting, because the journey is quite far. And as I mentioned before, the traffic is not as safe as in Bali. At least that what I feel.
Happy macam naik Beemer. Tak paham!
The Beemer driver
Mission accomplised!
So that night (after the bad dinner) we went out looking for some foods & also jalan-jalan, enjoying our last night of the trip. This time, not only 2 of us, but we walk together with some of my friends. We walk and walk, cross the street (running) until we found the night markets. A very good place to spend all the balance money we have. The goods there is almost the same as what you see at Platinum Mall & cheaper. My friends bought like 2 @ 3 handbags each. It’s not fake Chanel or Prada, just a normal unbranded handbag but the design, colour & quality is the same as a RM70 or RM80 handbag we bought (online) in Malaysia but, here we can get it at TB200 each, equivalent to more or less RM20.

We hurried back to hotel, when it starts to drizzle. But still we stop by at 1 2 small shops on the way back, they sell cheap cheap maaaa, how can we say “no, thank you we are in hurry” when they offer price way too cheap compare to Platinum Mall and the night market we went just now. We must stop & buy them.

We bought a very unique foot mat as souvenirs. Well, at least for me. I never see them, so my brain translate is as unique. But now we have a problem, how we going to bring them back as we only carry a hiking bag & a back pack? We keep being positive “we will get a box” but none of the shop have empty box. What the….?

So we just stuffed everything in the hiking bag, pushed everything down and wallahhhhh….we did it.

So tomorrow….ready for patah pinggang for carrying overweight bag.

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