Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bangkok/Pattaya Trip: Last day bad-bye terrible trip

On our last day trip, we visited Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn, located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. We went there by boat – long & open boat that can accommodate 30 to 40 people at one time – and my advice: cover your body/cloth with jacket/shawl or anything because the water river might splash onto you, especially when the boat speeding. And the smell…..7 hari 7 malam basuh pun tak hilang bau. Kategori najis apa ni?

When we arrived, the 1st thing that caught my attention is the bazaar. It’s a temple, so I don’t have any plan to enter & explore the temple. We walk around the bazaar, looking for fridge magnet sold for THB100 for 4. But, most of them sold for 3. Erm…….sorry aunty, we only will buy THB100 for 4.

Mission to buy 4 fridge magnets for THB100 failed, and some of my Buddhist friends still not come out from the temple, so we just sit around, eat fruits & drink fresh coconut water while waiting for them. We actually plan to take group photo with Wat Arun as the backdrop.

That time, when I really give full attention to that temple, I realize that temple is a unique temple.

 And that very time, I feel like I want to sneak out from my group and enter that temple and take photo as much as I can. But, that plan remains in my head. Hahahaha.

So that will be the last place to visit for our trip this time.

Eventhough, the experience in Bangkok is not that fun, but still I feel grateful for the opportunity. Being more thankful for what I have, I think, we will always feel that everytime we went to a place like that. If go to London or Paris or any other luxurious place, I think we will feel differently – we will feel “oh we are still way too far below them, we must do something to get what they have” something like that…..i think.

So, let’s – do – things – that – can – bring – us – there.

Ok….so, until next trip….which I don’t know when….but, now we have VAT to claim from our Hard Rock T-Shirt purchase.

Not that much, but enough to buy some chocolates at the airport duty free shop.

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