Thursday, 7 November 2013

Blood in stool

Some knows that Adelea has on off sick since the past 2 months. I don’t like to blog about she’s sick, writing it makes me hurt from inside. Like pre-writing of how my daughter died. You know kind-of feeling reading blog about parents write about their dead child. That feeling….Gosh! How heartbreaking it is only Allah SWT knows.
Although I know, the chronology; when, how, what cause the illness and etc are important for the doctors to analyze and do the appropriate treatment. Take note on that.

This morning, I heard Adelea fart for few times. Maybe just the air in her body, my lazy mind thought, I ignore her & continue to sleep.
Then I heard moaning sound, not that loud but enough to wake me up from sleep. It’s Adela with her buttock up and head down and at the same time headed Asan’s body with her head. Not sure she’s trying to wake Asan up or she’s just holding to her pain.

I ask her “Why? Are you poo-poo? Is it pain?” many times. She’s not responding and just smiles and keep on moaning. Of course she still yet to talk properly, but she can understand if I ask her poo-poo or not. Normally if she’s poo-poo, she’ll reply “aaa” meaning yes. Then, when I ask “let’s go to bathroom”, if she already done, she’ll follow me to the bathroom, if she not finish, she’ll say no.
If she not poo-poo, she’ll say “no”.

So I just wait until she’s done. She’s now squat on my bed. I told Asan “oh myyyy….katilku jambanmu” (my bed your toilet)…..

When she’s done, I bring her to the toilet, and when I open her pampers….my eyes popped out!!! My heart beat fast!!!!
There’s mucus & blood on her stool!!! But her stool is not hard, so the blood must come from her body not from outside wound.
I check her hole, also no blood.

……I just sent her to Taska.

Adelea already got fever since 2 @ 3 days ago. Her temperature not high as she always had, but her body heat is quite high. I told my friends about Adelea’s condition, and he advises it maybe from the body heat inside is too high. That may cause bleeding. Errrr…I don’t know.

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