Friday, 15 November 2013

Never get bored with Red Velvet cake

My colleague bakes cake as a part-time job. One day, some of my friends in my department suddenly disappeared and come back with cake in their hand. Some have Red Velvet some have Chocolate….errrrr… you all have cake party and don’t invite me? ini panggil kawan ke????

“youuuuu not in the facebook friends list. Tula….next time, add dekat Facebook, you don’t wanttttttt…..”

Aduh! They shoot me back. I surrender.
In my Facebook friend list, none of them are my colleague. Not that I don’t want to be their friend in Facebook, but sometimes, I did something that I don’t want my colleague to know. Although there is privacy setting, but I can feel that it still not that safe especially tagging is very popular right now and uncontrollable. So, I told them, I’ll only add them when I resign. That’s what I did for my colleagues from previous company. Hehehe.

 My colleague who bakes the cake, do promotion at Facebook, take order at Facebook, so, of course that never comes to my knowledge.

1 of my colleague who bought the Red Velvet, who is very generous served his cake to all of us. Sedap. So we decided, for Nov birthday we will order 1 KG of Red Velvet Cake. And we will hold the celebration on next Monday. So many days to wait……tick tock tick tock.

When the day come…..( I too order the small pack of Red Velvet)

Muka paling tak sabar.

Because of that muka paling tak sabar, I won the biggest slice….weeeehuuuuuu.

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