Monday, 18 November 2013

Stay Up

During the University time, I stay up until late night because want to do extra revision. That time, no Facebook, no Instagram whatsoever, if there is, only Friendster, but no internet coverage until midnight. So that time, I have more focus on study rather than being so eager to reply the comments.

And the most memorable thing is….a cup of coffee to freshen up the eyes. But sometime, the coffee trick does not working so well. There is sometimes, when I finish the coffee, then “Allahummabismikaahyawaamut…….zzzzzzzz”…exam is way too far, why rush…

And stay up and revision is not as fun as you go clubbing, hoccay. (But how fun clubbing is actually?) That time, I thought, please the clock tick fast, get a job then I don’t have to stay-up anymore. That’s what we call “life”.

But, I was so wrong. I still have to stay up till late night to finish some office job. Especially during rotation time last time, almost everyday I have to work late, and then continue at home. At 2 3 am in the morning, I’m still awake waiting for the system to download the report, and the system is not that fast as when it being access at office.

But now, it all passed. Alhamdulillah sangat sangat. Rotation is good, but it requires lots of sacrifice; a good sleep at night, cook for family, playing with my daughter, watching TV, reading…….etc….which I think I’m not willing to sacrifice any of it now.

There is sometimes, I still need to stay up & finish the office job, but it very frequent now. I take it as a normal working life.

So now, I have more time for my sewing project.

To date, 80% is completed.

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