Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Asan made a surprise for Adelea!
I was so shocked and excited and speechless and thinking “cetttt you never surprise me before……..” and can’t believe my eyes too…….

It’s a 3 in 1 glider for Adelea birthday present.

Thank you Ayah......& mommy. 
Adelea was frustrated that day because, that day we sent her to Asan’s aunt house because, her Taska is closed. Normally, when we went there, she’ll look for the scooters that belong to Asan’s nephew & niece. She even knows which room they keep the scooter.

So, that day, I received text from Asan “Adelea’s sad. She cannot play with the scooter. The parents have took it to another house”

Alahai…. I can imagine how her face looks like now. Muka yang sangat sedih, yang jenis kalau buat muka sedih tu, segala permintaan harus ditunaikan.

Carry her best buddy at home – bearbi.

She really loves this bearbi. After come back from Taska, the 1st thing she’ll look forward is this bearbi, she’ll hugs & kisses it over and over again, like they haven’t met each other for so long. (Now i know where she got her asthma...)

So, while Adelea’s busy playing with her friend, I ask Asan,

Me: Why you bought that now? We promised to buy for her this week, right?

Asan: I just buy. I feel like I want to buy, I buy lah.
*He said that with confident but trying to look elsewhere*

Me: You lie….. You feel sad because you see Adelea’s sad, right? Right? Right?

Asan: No.

Me: Yessss….

Asan: No.

Me: Yes!

Asan: No.

Me: Yes!

Asan: Eh, I smell burnt. Do you cook anything?

He’s trying to change topic!
Ah….typical men….never show their real emotion.

I saw this, after I came back from kitchen, to check the stove (yes, I really thought I did cook something).

Another way of being creative......grrrrr!!!

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