Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Switch on the light

One day I found out that Adelea like to play with the switch. She always wants to switch on switch off the light everytime we enter or out of the room. And I’ll yeayyyyy and go you clever you genius girl. Macam dah pandai sangatlahh happynya tu.

And, normally, after bath, and after I dry her, I’ll ask her to “go to your room” or just hold her to her room. One day, she insists to switch on the light. I say insist because when I say “no” she starts to cry. Got 2 switches; 1 for the light and another for the fan. She touches the fan switch, I say “no”. Then she touches the light switch I say yes, so she presses it.

Then I say “ooo you dah pandai” like always.

And I also always told her that we have to switch on the light when we enter the room, and switch off the light when we out of the room.

One day, she wants to enter her room (to take her toys maybe, I can’t remember), I was in the kitchen – cooking, and her father outstation at the living room, then I say “you switch on the light, you already know”. But at the same time, I show her the switch. So, she climbs the bed & switch on. tadaaaa….

The next day, she wants to enter her room, she say “domm (meaning jom meaning let’s go), I was on the sofa, so comfort and so lazy to get up, so I ask her to go & switch on by herself. She did. She take (drive) her lorry out, parking outside her room, go back into the room, and switch off the light and happily drove her lorry to the living room…

I was…………..wow…..terkejut and almost cry.
I have taught her well on the discipline of switch on switch off the light. Continue crying with happiness.

One day, after clean up the kitchen, I walk lazily to the living room. Can’t wait to sit. On the way to the living room, I saw Asan on the sofa, he looks at me, I look at him and he said “tutuplah lampu dapur tu. Adelea pun pandai tutup lampu sendiri……………”

Huh…sakit pulak hati kite ni. Kasi jeling sikit.

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