Friday, 22 November 2013

Where’s our house?

Scene 1
Sometimes, when we went back from…errrr….anywhere…reaching to our house, I’ll say to Adelea “ok, reach our house already, get aside, I want to go out & open the gate…bla bla bla bla…”

Scene 2
One day, on the way back, reaching to our house, I ask her “where’s our house?”

She just keeps quite & her eyes move to the left & right as she’s looking for something, until she saw our house she says “haus haus (house)”

Wahhh pandai. She recognized our house already.

Scene 3
One day after few days of above, when we passing by our neighbors’ house to our house, I ask her,

“Is this our house?” while pointing to one of the neighbor’s house.

“No no no no” she said.

“Is this our house?” I ask again pointing to another house.

“No no no no” again she said.

Until we reach our house, I ask her “where’s our house?”

“haus haus haus” and pointing her finger to our house.


I repeat this for few times.

Scene 4
I try another trick.

“Adelea, is this our house?” I asked.

“No no no” she said.

“This is our house” pointing to a neighbor house. “ ayah stop stop now” and Asan driving to that house, ready to parking.

“NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…….” Adelea said. Waving her index finger and & her face show she really scared because we have stop at the wrong house.

I repeat that for a few houses, “this is our house…yes yes…this is our house…stop here stop here” and she keep “no no no no no no no” and waving her index finger.
Until she saw our house, then she says “haus haus”.

Ok…good girl….

I also repeat this for few times.

Scene 5
One day, as usual I ask her,

“Adelea, is this our house?” and I’m just ready to say “stop here ayah”

But, she nods her head and says “yes yes yes” and smiling back at me.

Then she starts to pointing to the neighbors’ house that we passed by and says “haus haus haus”. She giggled & smiled & looked at me with her naughty face expression and that face simply tells “Mom, you fool me. Now I fool you back…HAHAHAHAHAH…gelak syaiton!”

Dia kenakan aku balik! Bertuah punya anak!

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