Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Why 2 cakes?

Oct is the birthday month for one & only male colleague in my department. Sometimes, he’ll be the self-appointed-no-salary-do-it-for-free-AJK-cannot-claim-mileage to buy the cakes (except for Sep, we decide on the cake), so, this time he got the chance to choose his own cake. Normally we’ll buy 1 kg cake, but the cake that he wants only have 500 grams, so he buys 2 of 500 grams cake.

That’s better I think. Eating cakes sometimes can be a little bit queasy, so 2 small slices is better than 1 large slice. Only 3 persons know about the cakes; him, self-appointed-no-salary-do-it-for-free-AJK-cannot-claim-mileage and I.

When we put the cake on the table, as expected, everyday goes

 “Why 2 cakes?? Why 2 cakes??”

 “Why he so special got 2 cakes?”

And the birthday boy has to tahan telinga on their nasty jokes…..

“He’s the boss favorite……”

“He’s the only male…………………”

“Man eats a lot…….”

Everyone’s laughing and forget about the reporting for 10 minutes.

Aiming the extra cakes
That’s my favourite spot everytime we held the monthly celebration – easy to say “I want” when they ask “who wants more?”.

Hehehehe…I just love cakes you have no idea.

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