Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bake it my way

I found out, the baking spirit is with me recently.

1-Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Cake
I baked these for the Hari Raya celebration at my office, it was 2 @ 3 months ago (I don’t care I still consider 2 @ 3 months ago as recently). It’s a potluck party, attended by the muslims female colleagues only. This is my problem. I don’t want to cook for other than my family, because I’m not a good cook. It such a heartbreaking, when people don’t say it tasty when they eat the food I cook. It’s worse when they don’t add more in their plate. To avoid that, I said I’ll bring cakes or muffins or cupcakes. Simply because, I can buy from outside.

But somehow, I thought, let’s give it a try to bake cake. Come on….it can’t be that difficult. There is machine call “mixture” invented so you don’t have to wipe the sweat to beat the mixture or egg or anything. Then we have google to help search for the best & easiest cake recipe and a husband to take care of our kids when we busy baking.

So, let’s baking.

Chocolate Brownies
I use the instant flour and instead of I do it in square pan, I bake it in the baking cup as the muffin cup. Easy to eat, don’t have to cut…I thought. Errrr…..later I found out, my thought was wrong.

My oven is small, only can fit to 6 holes of muffin pan, it’s very a small size pan. The 4 muffin at left & right pan burnt on top, so I scrape out the burnt side and covered with chocolate topping that I made from cooking chocolate plus butter plus oil plus Van Houten cocoa powder. The presentation is ugly, but still ok to eat. #proudofmyself.

Chocolate Cake
This, just google any chocolate cake recipe, I can’t remember which website I refer to, but my cake tak jadi. It doesn’t come out fluffy, langsung takde rupa cake. This time, cannot be altered anymore, so, I dustbin-ed it.

Vanilla cake
I use instant flour, I thought the cake will jadi, but not. It came out dry, like a volcano it crushed when I cut it. It tastes weird also. I don’t taste any vanilla in it. I checked the box many times, and I’m sure I read “Vanilla Flavour”. Cannot be altered, so I dustbin-ed it too.

Although I use instant, the cake still tak jadi. So, let’s face it, baking & I, we still room to improve our relationship. Ok, let’s start it all over again.

Choux pastry with Chocolate fills
I got this spirit to bake this after watching a TV show – Makan at Astro Maya. The way the Chef made it so simple, no beating the mixture too long, not many never-heard ingredients, that…..attracts me to try.

I try to bake for 2 times, well because the 1st trial, it’s a successful…..well, at least for me.

But, it’s not a successful on my 2nd trial. I’m not sure where’s goes wrong, but I suspect at the part of boiling the water then add the butter and add flour…..because the dough it’s a bit oily compared to my 1st trial. But I’m sure enough I have followed the right measurement.

The 1st tray come out hard, so hard & can be used as the bullet for lastik (catapult). I really don’t know what to do, in this case to adjust the balance of the dough. So I just try putting 1 more egg & flour & whisking them using the mixture. The texture has become similar to my 1st trial. So I baked them using the same temperature.
But, it turned out so fluffy and ugly and what-is-this???
I laugh so hard looking at them.

I really don’t know what to do. And suddenly I feel so sayang to just throw them away. So, I stuffed lot of chocolate fill inside the pastry and ensure it has more chocolate taste than the pastry taste.

I’m sure enough will try again *I cannot accept I was failed*.


  1. Hahaha...thats the spirit...dont give up. Nanti balik malaysia kita bake sama2.
    Get a real oven ros. at least the size yg kat penchala..
    Btw kitorg baru je buat kuih xmas...7 jenis in a in 8hrs...baking marathon :D

    1. real oven nanti dulu, takde dalam senarai beli lagi...hahha....baking ikut mood kak....