Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Being minimal

The home that we lived supposed to be the best place *at our eyes*, a place so serene when we are in there, we will feel calm, we feel so happy…we just love our home, don’t argue on that!

Lately, I don’t feel that feeling about my house anymore, especially when we keep adding in more furniture. I feel so messy and my mind’s so confused…no no not that my house is untidy or dirty or what. The furniture is in place, Adelea’s toys is only at her room and every 5 minutes Asan will check her room and pick up all her toys scattered on the floor and put back inside the basket (I told you many times, don't. nanti dia cuma tahu sepah, tak tahu kemas). We have air purifier, air freshener, turbine whatever it is need to absorb the dirty air, but still I don’t feel calm when I’m in my house.

*serabut tau rumah ni….sempit*

Before that, we have decided, for our second house, it should be landed and a single storey type. We don’t want a double storey, simply because it takes more effort to clean the house. Especially when we are old, and our kids leave home to find their own life, go up and down the stairs seems require lot of energy.

And now when I saw my house is messy, and adding this and that furniture is still among our hot husband-wife conversation in the car, I can feel that my house is going to be no more a house but a bust barge. Then I feel regret about buying a single storey, we should buy double storey, then we will have bigger hall, bigger room…more rooms, bigger kitchen, bigger here & there. Sometimes, I even nag to Asan “our house is small, our friends have bigger house”. And sometimes when he scolds me for the dirty & messy kitchen, I’ll reply “the kitchen is small, if you want a cleaner & tidier kitchen, buy a bigger house, then easy for me to arrange the things in the kitchen….bla bla bla bla”

I just forget, the decision to buy this house is on both of us. I’m the one who are so happy seeing the small kitchen *lesser cleaning*, small room *lesser decorating*, small hall *lesser vacuuming*…you know…..

Until one day, we watched a Japan/Korea TV show about home renovation & interior design. How a small house, which is cramped with so many things and uncomfortable to live in, renovated and remodeled to a very cozy place and comfortable. The size of the house is not changed, but the interior designer used each space and area of the house effectively as possible, and also build furniture that the function will change based on the needs of that time.

Few examples:-
1 – Storage compartment are built & attached to wall for each room, so goods/items in the house are properly stored and more space for family activity.

2 – The kid’s closet door turn to a study table, big enough to place a laptop, complete with small drawer to keep the stationery. So do the parents closet can turn to a working table, for the father to do his work.

3 – The kid’s bed can be attached to the wall, so the room has more space, so they can call up their friends to come over and have activities there.

4 – The bedroom is use as place to sleep during night, but on the day it functions as a hall to welcome the guest. The bed can turn into a coffee table.

No.4 sounds no no no no right? Yeah, me too. Bedroom is a private & confidential area. Hahaha. But, trust me, it still looks so convenient. Some more, we are not having guest everyday.

Before and after renovation is totally stranger. And I’m so amazed looking at how they arrange the furniture in the house, despite the small square fit they have, the house still look more spacious than my house. The many things that I see before renovation, I don’t see in after renovation. Not sure whether they have thrown them away or they still keep them, but because they have arranged them nicely, so I don’t see many things. But, my heart feels more they throw them away.

So, that’s the point that does not exist in my house.

1-good arrangement of the furniture
2-we have so many things that we are not always use.

I was born in kampung, and grew up seeing my mother keep buying dinner set, plates, glasses and pots and kept them nicely in the display cupboard. None of us are allowed to touch them “it’s for the kenduri” my Mom said.

*almost all of them are swept away by flood 2 @ 3 years ago*

So, I’ve become just like my mother. Everytime I saw there are limited editions of glass set such as the Coca-Cola and World Cup from McDonald released in the market, I’ll buy all set and keep them. So does the free plate from toothpaste. “Easy for me to serve my guest in future” I thought.

But now, all that are no more….even at kampung, they held kenduri by borrowing plates & glass and other kitchen utensils from the Persatuan/Community Hall. At city, normally they held Kenduri such as wedding at hall and if they want to held kenduri at home, they use the disposable plates & cups and order foods from caterer. So basically, today’s life requirement, we might not need the biggest pot kept in the attic.

So, to those who just start to collect them, my advice: don’t!
To those who already collect some use them now or you can sell them at Unless, you plan to make one of the room as a museum, than keep them.

Since that, i realized, it’s not the size of the house that become the 1st factor, why I feel my house is so serabut & sempit. But still, if you have bigger family, maybe you need a bigger house. but, if you know how to arrange the furniture, it’ll be no problem.

I started to google the interior design website and some blogspots, trying to get some ideas on how I *we* should decorate our house, so that it back to its original function – the best *and attractive* place to live in.

I got few, and already started sikit at my kitchen. I have disposed some things that I think I still can live without it. Still need to do some trimming…

Ok, got to go, will post about it later.


  1. nanti share ngan kite output nye ye.. sebab rumah pun single storey gak.. teringin nak dua tingkat, tapi sebab kna naik tangga tu yg x sanggup..

    1. rumah besar memang best....tapi, tulah kan...*malas mengatasi segalanya*.
      tapi sekarang tgh plan untuk rumah ketiga nak cari corner lot, so esok tua kalau oanjang umur adalah aktiviti menanam cili...hehehe...

      belum start apa sangat lagi, takde masa & tak creative and tak beli barang lagi..baru sikit, baru fasa buang barang yang tak guna..tunggulah ada masa nanti.....

  2. huhu.. sama impian kita rupanye ye kak.. kite ni biarlah setingkat tapi corner lot.. bolehlah buat aktviti menanam kononnye.. tapi buat masa sekarang terima je apa yang mampu. tp by that time, kalau ada rezeki kite ni nak beli rumah, mesti harga dah mencanak kan

    1. tahu takpe....tapi kena percaya kalau ada rezeki insha-Allah ada. dah biasa kerja, nanti bila retire, tak tahu nak buat apa, unless kalau ada business sendiri, then ada aktiviti lagi.hehehe...