Saturday, 14 December 2013

Do not waste even a quarter

Reward for being tired and stress

 Brownies Crepe, from Dip N Dip, located at Bangsar.

Erin pick me up from office that day, then she said she wants to go to Bangsar, to run some errands, asks me if I want to follow her or I just want her to sent me back to PPUM. (adelea warded this time).

Talk about Bangsar, I immediately thought of Dip N Dip. I’ve longed to go there, because people keep on talking about how delicious how creamy how you keep close your eyes eating the chocolates there, how you’ll be urmmmmmmmm everytime the chocolates reach your taste buds, but, because that place is not an easy-to-find-parking, Asan always say “nantilah” everytime I ask him to go there.

So, I made a call to Asan, ask him what he wants for dinner, and add “Erin needs (I use needs not wants – mesti bukan hendak) to go to Bangsar 1st, later you whatsapp what you want for dinner. I belanja”.

He ordered a Kebab from Kebab Turki Baba Rafi. That order means, he’s ok if I go to Bangsar straight away. Hehehehehe.

We reached Dip N Dip safely, not difficult to find, it's opposite building of House of Doll? You don't know also? Never mind, install Waze App now.

But, when I see the price, I almost fainted.

The price for brownies crepe is RM28.50, and I’m still wondering how a crepe filled with brownies and topped with 3 kinds of chocolate; milk, dark & white can be priced like that. You gotta be delicious! Otherwise………..

I'm ready....

When the first bite reach my taste buds, oh yummmmsssss…..oh my goodness……..I really urmmmmmm until I cut another, then urmmmmmmm again…I don’t really talk much that night, other than, urmmmmm sedap sedap sedap hoiii sedap, then cut some more, urmmmmm sedap sedap…..

The not sedap part is, its wayyyy too creamy. I can eat creamy dishes well, but this is too much for me I almost puked at the end of the lasts bite. Although I ordered fizzy drink, still it didn’t help.

This is ¼ of the whole crepe. Divide now RM28.50 with 4.

After we asks for our bill, a young man come and asks “jiunaaeufvnhgsuhfjsnf?”

I can’t hear him, I beg your pardon?


Oh…….*slaps forehead”

“We are too full, cannot finish” Erin replied.

“hjadjgoyrfbskhdBkkjv?” the young man asks again.

What?? *Lift eyebrow & show curious face*


“Of course” I immediately replied.

Oh….man…..he’s a foreigner, from south-east maybe. I can’t understand his slang.

Yeaaaa….the RM28.50 divide by 4 is not wasted. I'll have Brownies Crepe again for supper tonight. I am a happy kid....

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