Monday, 16 December 2013

Spoiled by Kitschen

I saw the boutique, but I never enter into the boutique because I think it’s an expensive brand. But, everytime I passed by the boutique, I always observe their clothes from outside the glass wall. The fashions are more to youth nowadays style, with its bright & eye-catching color…that style’s trending now, right? For me, *ahem*someone who’s knowledge about fashion is very less*ahem* it has its own unique style, chic and modish and so attracting me to buy them. Yeah….I can see them waving at me with the sweetest smile to get me enter into the boutique, but, I just smile back at them. Heeeee.

Ok, one day, accidentally I saw that Kitschen is now available at Fashion Valet. Oh really? The 1st one is a pair of jeans and the price is only RM99? Whaaaat????? They have things below RM100?
And it’s not the price alone that attracts me, it’s the jeans pattern. Something that I never like (I only love dark blue jeans), but I fall in love with it first time I saw it. Oh my……*shaking head*

 Picture from Fashion Valet website.

I just can’t wait to go to the boutique, try it on, if it’s fit me well, I’ll just buy it. I want that jeans.

Ok, I don’t buy pants online, simply because I want to try 1st. same goes to bags & shoes. Never.

Last week, we went to Sunway Pyramid, and while waiting for Asan to come out from the washroom, suddenly I thought “eh, why didn’t I check whether there is Kitschen Boutique here or not”.

And yes, it has.

I wander around the boutique to find that jeans, and my heart pumping so hard you have no idea. From front to the back, from left to right, I can’t find that jeans. I almost give up *aduhhhhhh*. Few pants & blouses caught my attention, when I see the price, wowwwww….they are cheap. Before this, I thought they are RM70-RM80-for-a-blouse-but-quality-is-RM30-RM40-kind-of. So I took those that below RM40, from S to L size, and straight to the fitting room. I have to try them in that all sizes, so that I know which size of Kitschen fit me.
Smileeeee Ros smile.

I ask the lady at the fitting room about the jeans. She said she’s not sure which jeans I’m referring to, but politely ask me to check again at the front area, that’s where they display the jeans. So after I try the pants & blouses, I fit to S size. Ahem*I know it before I try them*ahem.

I wander again, this time I observe closely to each box, each rack, each hanger, each corner, to ensure I don’t miss anything. Please please please meet me with that jeans. Oh pleaseeeeeeeeee….I beg you.

I take another pair of pants and a blouse and go for fitting again.
Reaching to the fitting room, suddenly, I looked to my right, and my eyes almost pop out!!!

That that that jeansssssss! I check the price tag, RM99, price's is the same, it looks similar in the website, yes, this is the jeans I’m dying looking for. And it’s 30% off. Wow! Greedily, I flick the hanger one by one, to find my size. S S S S S pleaseeee an S.

But no, no S size at all. There’s no M size also. Only L and bigger size left. Ok, I might just take the L size for fitting, if it’s looks ok on me, I can send the jeans for alteration.

But, when I try it, it became hi-cut pants, and loose too. It not look the same as on the website. Too much alteration needed. Totally no.

Haaaahhhh….I’m so heartbroken.
To heal that, I bought a pair of candy pants at 50% off, 2 blouses and 1 cardigan. All are below RM40 each. Worth buying. And it helps healing my heart also.

I’m so will go again, during sale. Ha ha ha ha.

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