Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

I guess it’s not too late for me to wish that, since we just enter the 3rd day of 2014.

As previous year, we didn’t go for countdown, but patiently waiting the clock strike midnight and happily woooaaahhhh and clapping our hand watching fireworks from outside our car porch……tetttttttttt

That was what we planned. But I was fall to sleep before 12. I don’t know what weakened me, but I totally cannot tahan my eyes to stay until 12. But, in my sleep I think I can hear the fireworks pom pom pom…..nahhhhh maybe it’s just a dream.

The next day, I’m preparing myself to go to work.


Not that I’m not happy, but working in accounting field and working with company which financial year end is 31st December every year, working on New Year day is expected. That day, I made the same promise I made on 1st day of last year --- I won’t allowed my children to work in accounting field.

What else…….

Ermmmm….I think (read twice) I have a good news to announce but, not in this entry. Hahahaha.

Till then, I hope all of you will have a great & prosperous year ahead, let us wish our country remain peaceful as what we have now and even better, let us wish we all can live without being suppressed and become more hardworking to gain enough wealth and at the same time gain good health and live happily ever after.

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