Thursday, 27 February 2014

1st time driving to work

Ok, this maybe basi to you. But last week Monday marked a very important changing-life-moment to me. I’m driving to work. Alone. Sendiri. Seorang.

This time no Asan beside me to help whether it’s ok to change lane or not, no one scold me when I brakes suddenly --- ini kereta, ini jalan ana yang punya.

BWA HA HA HA HA…Laugh like a genie!!

1st day, ok, 1st day, apa jadi on 1st day?

Safely out from my housing area. Then a slow traffic after I turn right. I thought because of the traffic light is out of order because from far I see only few cars managed to turn left. so, what’s bala I’m gonna face now? Asan never train me to drive with this situation. But, suddenly I got an idea….

I’ll follow the car in front of me very closely, so other cars from other directions might not able to overtake my car. I don’t know whether it’s include as traffic offense or not, but I just want to be able to pass the traffic light. But, nearer to traffic light, it actually functioning, just that the gap from green to yellow to red is like 1 minute only.

Whatever it is…the traffic light is well functioning. Thanks Allah!

So, I’m now at highway. Asan remind many times to me “you must always maintain your car at the very left lane. MUST”.

So, that’s what I did. Maintain left, eventhough in front of me is a pick up lorry at 60/km/hour speed I still follow behind that lorry. Because, you know why? I’m a bit scared to change lane. Hehehehe.

Waiting for the traffic light to change to green. Berani dok??
The area that I scared the most is at in front of my office. I have to u-turn, and quickly change lane to the left. It’s double line, so I go until the end of double line. I already siap-siap give signal to the left, and I saw no car from the left lane, then quickly change lane but suddenly I saw a car from the left lane. You understand?

I thought I have made traffic offense, later I found out, that car is behind my car also want to change lane to the left, just that the car didn’t wait until the end of double line. Can meh?

Turn out, that’s my colleague car. When we met at office, she said, when she saw my car, her 1st thought is “why Ros’s husband drive like this?”

Cet!! Teruk la tu aku drive.

Then other colleague tell me "Don't be so naive, wait until end of double line, if you see no car from left, you can change lane".

Eh biar betul? 

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