Friday, 14 February 2014

chicken pox

Adelea infected with chicken pox.

This is 3 days after she was infected. Rashes mostly appeared all over her body, thigh, forehead & head.

The medicine provided by child specialist.

We actually request for jab/medicine with hope it can reduce the amount of rashes, but we was too late. The doctor said the jab/medicine is for before the rashes come out. If already come out, should monitor 3 things:

1 - Make sure she’ll get no fever, they provide a fever medicine, in case she got fever.
2 - The itchiness, so they only provide with more calamine lotion and a medicine.
3 - I forgot.

Other than this, we also try traditional remedies, we use:
1 - Coconut water for bath and as drinks. But Adelea doesn’t like it and difficult for us to force her to drink.
2 - Neem leaves (daun semambu) for bath (some suggest to make drinks) to relieve intense itching and also for bedding to aid in the recovery.

Thanks a LOT to those who helps to find for the neem leaves. And yeah…we are considering to plant some at our little garden. But, where should we get the seed? Plant with seed?...errr I have no idea.

For the food, we only give her fish or vegetable stew and rice or porridge. We didn't give any kind of red or white meat including egg because it can cause itchiness. The seafood is big NO. If not, she might scratches and later will leave wounds/scars.

I still bath her twice a day, and apply the calamine lotion all over her body. Luckily, she rarely scratches them. But, if I saw her scratching, I’ll immediately apply the calamine lotion.

The doctor advises for a cream/lotion to fade the scar, because we going to fly next week. **oooopsssss**. But later, Asan’s cousin suggests using this.

The texture is similar to the gel we used when she was infected with hand, foot, mouth disease last time. Hope this can fade the scar fast.

As at today (day 8th) the scar’s there, but getting dry. I really hope, the gel can fade or totally disappear before we fly off.

Ok ok ok…we also pray for her good health. But if she’s in good health, and the scar totally faded, it’s better than only good health right. He he he….

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