Friday, 28 February 2014

Should I still keep them?

Remember about being minimal I posted few entries back *frowning*, well….until few weeks ago….no progress in terms of reducing the quantity of unnecessary things <--------- this, I’m referring to the dining set, glass set, tea set --- all those glasses & fragile one, that we received as our wedding gift. They are still in good condition, still in the box. I just don’t know when we will use them. Whatever has on the rack is enough, and takkan every day nak tukar dining set..? harini pakai set domenti (ehhh betul ke ejaan?? Malas nak check), then wash them after meal, put back in the box, then tomorrow open other set….nobody do that, right? Those wedding gift yang electrical semua dah habis guna sehabis baik, in fact some have to change already.

Somehow, I think gift registry is great & should be implemented to avoid we receive of the same or similar to same things. Right?
In normal Malay wedding, it’s not a norm asking for gift or money from the guest. It’s up to the guest whether they want to give wedding gift in the form of money or material. And if they are not giving anything, it still ok ---> to some people. Some other people, if you don’t give anything, later he/she don’t give anything for your wedding. Same thing la, if you don’t go to her weeding, later she won’t go to your wedding. I don’t understand myself. Why this mindset exist in Malay culture, to some people. Should erase this from our mindset, eventually.

The reason of having a wedding is to let people know that “he/she’s married”. And all the foods served are more to like sedekah. This is more to what I understand, ok.

However, “salam keruk” is famous in traditional Malay wedding. Salam keruk is, before a guest leave the wedding, they will meet up with the host 1st. The guest will wish congratulation and so on, and they shake hand, and left a folded envelope contains money in the host’s palm. And the host say thank you thank you for coming.

Easy to find which one is the host, right? Those who have bloated pocket. Hehehe.

But, I still think gift registry is great, and maybe can be implemented among our friends first. We can’t simply change old folk’s perspective.

Ok, all those gifts, there’s no way I’ll just give them away, it’s my present, something that I rarely get even on my birthday. Pity me.
So, we decided, all that gifts will be transferred to the 2nd room. Senang cerita, the 2nd room will be the place for “dump everything there”.

It can be considered as “suspense account” as in accounting, but in this case it’ll be “suspense room”.

And now, the 2nd room renovation already completed. Time to rearrange the boxes, containers & cupboard back to the 2nd room. Before that, those old stuff that are no more in use have to be thrown away. This I don’t like because some stuff eventhough not in use now, I might use them in future. For example, my account textbooks, costing textbooks, taxation textbooks, all the manuals & notes…I might use them one day. But, for Asan ---- please lah throw them away, if later you need them, just buy new one. They are old version already ---.

He’s right. But, NO! I won’t throw away my books, regardless it is old version or not!

Until I reach to my personal container, there I keep all the surat cinta, surat sedih, surat tak puas hati, old pictures….big sigh.
Looking back at them, read them back…made me laugh & cry at the same time. How time flies so fast, and I’ve become what I am now. All those letters really taught me about relationships, about love & hate, about what others might think & value differently on what we have done and many things.

This is my valuable trasury..

Harta semasa bujang dulu. Rantai berbatu-bata konon rasa chic sangat, pendrive dan kunci rumah bujang, which I still don't understand why I still keep them. I don't even remember my old house number.

Then I saw this, a consignment note, from a Chinese guy.

OMG! Pat forehead.

This Chinese guy is the one who found my purse I lost in the warehouse sale. He returns my wallet & not even touch the money inside, eventhough I have ask him to take some for the postage cost. In his letter, he said “he doesn’t want to use the money because he doesn’t know what the exact amount inside”

Baca dengan rasa guilty yang paling tebal!

I do feel guilty. Ok, I’ll send him a bouquet of flower or chocolate as a thank you wish. Which I still don’t do it until now. I keep on say, ok ok I’ll do I’ll do. But, no.

Hope this kind of man still exists in this world. Jujur amanah.

Then I put all of them back in the container. I decide, I’ll still keep them as long as I can keep them. They are my reminder of who I was, who I am now and who I’ll be in future.

During school time, no WA no handphone, so, surat yang jadi medium of communication. And the postmen are kawan-kawan subahat dan kakak-kakak serta abang-abang angkat yang menyokong bercinta di zaman sekolah.

Dan tak sangka, rupanya Asan always sent me Hari Raya card. Tak sangka, romantic juga lakiku. (dulu).

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