Monday, 3 February 2014

tulon means turun

I have lots to tell about Adelea, the funny one. She’s now at the stage of “talking”, pity her kan…at the age 2+, still tak boleh cakap properly. Even to make a sentence of 3 @ 4 words also she can’t. doctor once said, normally a kid reaching 2 years old, they can start to make a sentence of 3 @ 4 words, such as “I want milk” or “I want toys”….not necessary can say it properly, pelat pun takpe, janji make a sentence.

Don’t get me wrong ok, I still thankful for what she capable of. By the way, book doenst haven’t to be right all the time. Cuma…sometimes…biasalahkan…fefeeling mak-mak yang akan rasa down when her own kid is not as good as other kid.

So, we all also start to talk to her as often as possible. Anything. We also will keep on showing things to her and tell her what that is. Same to action such as sit, run, walk…anything. Normally, we will say it in English…ok, we all grammar memang ke laut sikit, so we all tekankan vocabulary first lah….

At first, memang susah. She only says it only after us. She can’t use that word by her own. But, eventually, she starts to remember and says it when she wants it.

For example, before & after having meal, I’ll ask her to wash her hand, so I say “wash hand”. She follow what I said, she said “wocheng”. oklah kan…ada bunyi ada bunyi. Hehehe. So now, after she has finished her meal, she’ll ask to wash her hand and say “cheng”. Ok, “wo” dah takde.

Ada lagi, example from my house post.

Mostly, she’ll talk in malay, maybe at nursery use malay. Thinking of this, I feel pity of her, rasa macam kasihanlah kan, nak menguasai 2 bahasa at this tender age. Tapi, fikir-fikir balik, I have a friend yang anak dia boleh membaca both in English & Malay around umur 2 tahun. Then another friend of friend, the father talk in mandarin, the mother talk in English, the nursery talk in malay, and this kid can speak in these 3 languages at the age of 3. Amazing right? So, I don’t have to be afraid, sometimes I think it’s too burden for her, but I believe she can do more than what she can do now. Just need encouragement from us – her parents!

Adelea also start to recognize the words with things or actions. Example for things such as pillow, remote control, ball (she says “boi”), iPad, toys, aeroplane (bas. Maybe she wants to say kapal terbang, but bang became bas), pen or pencil (shel)…ok banyak tak ingat sekarang.

If for actions such as stop (she say top), diam (yam), poo-poo, turun (tulon)….ok ok ni ada kisah.

One day, I saw her climbing the sofa from the armrest part. That I can’t stop her, she climbs so fast. Then, I saw her wants to get down from the sofa also from the armrest part. Her 1 leg already at one site, and I quickly say (shout actually) “ADELEA!SIT!SIT”

She ignored me, and preparing herself to get down her another leg. I shouted again ask her to sit. She’s shocked because I shouted so loud and she’s angry and says this “tewreyrjgwvttuietwfewv TULON!!!”

Errrrr…..I was stunned for a moment, not because of she shouted back at me, but that was her first time say tulon (turun) by herself, meaning not follow after I say.

And she, being a smart girl, uses that moment to get down her another leg and continue her normal things. Macam takde apa-apa berlaku.
I laughed! I really don’t know how I should react.

Ok, next time, I’ll tell her how to get down from a sofa in a proper way.

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