Wednesday, 12 March 2014

2 days without my iphone

How was my day for these 2 days?


I’m less worried


I feel like I have a more peaceful life, I have more concentration on Television, I have more ideas to talk with my colleagues during lunch. I don’t care (at all) what are the new updates on Instagram & Facebook. But, I keep on google about the latest news for MH370. #prayforMH370. I always hope, when I type “MH370” the 1st news comes out is something like this “the missing MH370 was found at……”

I found out I have more activities to do & have more time to complete my job without my phone. it’s weird. I thought, telephone is everything we need. (ancient sangat statementku).

I still love my iPhone4
Image from Google.

My phone damaged since last Sunday evening. Suddenly, the screen went blank, I thought the battery runs out, so I charged it. After about an hour, I check my phone, press the switch on button, but nothing appeared on the screen except for the apple logo appeared on the screen about 5 seconds then disappeared. It appeared again every 5 seconds.

My husband’s friend advises few steps to “on” it but still tak jadi. So the next day (Monday) need to send my phone for repair. We tried asking back my husband’s another phone that he lent (pinjam bukan bagi terus) to his cousin, but his daughter use it & his wife said “my daughter feel a bit reluctant to return it as she has install this & that”, “cannot install other sim card”, although my husband assured that all that can be reset, but their answer sounds like that, we decided, we will repair it 1st. kasihan pulak.

But, because of lent to others, my husband’s wife (me) don’t have handphone? Which is worse?

I have a car that the date for service nears the corner and that’s need about RM1000. Another new iPhone RM2000+. Car service is necessary & buy a new iPhone is luxury. And I don’t want other telephone model.

I really pray, my phone is good after repair so I don’t have to buy new phone and we don’t have to ask back my husband’s phone.

Alhamdulillah….my phone is good after repair. But, I lost all the pictures and videos of Adelea since she was a baby. Luckily I have back-up, but I cannot watch straight from my phone. I lost the memory too, all the ID & Password. Ermmmm…..satu hal lagi nak call sana sini nak renew password!

And since yesterday evening….I’M BACK!

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