Friday, 21 March 2014

Before I know I’m pregnant again

2nd pregnancy ni kan, actually, I’ve plan for this since early last year. But, from month to month, my best friend never failed to visit me. Until 1 point, I already redha that, it’s not my rezeki yet to get pregnant for the 2nd time.

People say, we (woman) cannot take pills, later the-womb sulk. Entah betul entah tidak. Ya meh?? I thought all Allah S.W.T has planned for us??

There are few times, my period’s late. Immediately I thought “I’m pregnant”. Immediately also, magically, I start to feel the symptoms – nausea, backache, sleepy….but, when I do the pregnancy test, and only show 1 line….my mood meter declining to “badak sumbu kepala angin-jangan kacau”

It happened few times!

That’s why I said until 1 point, I already redha with what have written for me.

Everytime, that false alarm happened, this woman…below…

…always come to my mind.

Not as Jessalyn Gilsig, but as Terri Schuester in Glee series drama.

Remember her?

The scene/episode of how she faked her pregnancy always comes across my mind. I’ll remembered back the episode of how she happily tells her husband – Will Schuester - that she’s pregnant, how happy she is thinking that by having a child, it can save their unravel marriage. *ok, Alhamdulillah, my marriage is still awesome*.

Then she goes to get an ultrasound, and the obstetrician tells her that she actually is having hysterical pregnancy. Because she wants to get pregnant badly, somehow her body mimics the symptoms of pregnancy that cause the positive pregnancy test.

I still remember, the obstetrician say something like this “there is 1 full drumstick……..bla bla bla…..” about her ultrasound.

How disappointed it was.

So, now only I really really feel and know, how frustrated the couples who already married for long times but still not blessed with children. Eventhough, I already have 1, people will say I’m still ok, but my point is about “the feeling to have child, but still tak dapat”. Got what I mean?

So you all, mulut tu jaga sikit, jangan sibuk tanya bila, bila, bila, bila? All these are very sensitive, especially to the mothers. Because getting pregnant is not as easy as you shopping things online – with a few swipes of your finger or few clicks, the “delivery” is delivered at your doorstep.
It’s not like that.

And you have to be rationale, sometimes the online shop cheats on you, and you never get your delivery and also your money.

But…don’t get me wrong. Allah S.W.T is not cheating on you, but He actually has a better plan for you. Wallahualam.


Senang cerita, jangan dok sibuklah. Tampar karang!

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