Sunday, 2 March 2014

Chicken Pox | Story #2

Adelea was infected with chicken pox since last Friday (it's about 3 weeks ago). I saw something unusual that morning while changing her diaper, something like mosquito/insect byte at her @*&^%$#, but it was totally impossible since she’s on diaper all night long.

“ahhh sudahhhh!! What is this???? And so red!!!!??”

Never had I thought it was chicken pox.
She might scratch it…” Asan replied calmly when I told him about this. Ok…quite make sense.

That day, I have to work late, need to finish the report that need to be submitted on next Wednesday. While Monday & Tuesday I have training organized by MIA, which I cannot eacape. It’s 16 CPE hours.

No worry, Asan will pick up Adelea, but he normally will pick up her after 6.30+ pm. “let her play with her friends….” He said. Such a good father, right?

Secret note: he actually malas layan Adelea to play… pfffttttt!

Until, about 6.30+ pm, I received call from the daycare owner.

Adelea got chicken pox. Where are you? When you’ll pick up Adelea? She’s the only one left here”.

When the daycare owner told me that, only I remembered back about the dots I saw this morning. The daycare owner also told me, previously there are few kids already infected with chicken pox, but all of them already take leave, as at today no one infected except Adelea. She also told me, the 1st kid who was infected, already took leave for 9 days, and today is the first day the kid come back to daycare.

Ok…I don’t know what to do with that information. No use to find “who’s responsible” here. It’s a highly contagious disease, and everyone is expose to this. Although I think, at the 1st place the daycare should be closed for a certain period once a kid infected to avoid other kids also infected, but the daycare doesn’t do that. Whatever it is, it was happened.

*few days later I found out, it was from other kindergarten who already infected, and some of the kids from that kindergarten also went to the same daycare with Adelea*

When I saw Adelea that night, I saw few more dots/rashes already appear around her body, so I just apply calamine lotion onto the dots. I check her temperature, no fever. *relieved*

My mother suggests – give her coconut drink, and bath her with that also.

On the other hand, Asan’s mother suggests – Do not bath her with the coconut water later will leave wounds, only give the coconut for drink.

*shake heads*. We don’t know which advise should we go. When I was infected last time, I bath with coconut (I think) but no wounds. Seriously, no wounds at all except 1 small scar on the 1st dot. Some people will get like ‘lubang’ from the rashes, but I don’t have.

The next morning, more rashes appear all over her body including on her forehead. I still bath her with the coconut water and apply the calamine lotion on the rashes. We still not send her to clinic because we follow our mothers advice – do not mixes coconut drink with medicine.

We actually, considering to send her back to my mother, we thought she will be in better care with the people who already have experience. Then seeing more rashes coming out, yaaaa....we think that will be the best solution so far. So, we need to send her to clinic as soon as possible. That night, we go out to check the operation hour of the child specialist clinic.

Then I think again, is this fair? Is this right? When something bad happened, the only solution we thought of is sending her back to hometown. We are so comfort by thinking like this. So I talked to Asan “don’t we want to have experience taking care of our kid infected with chicken pox? This is only chicken pox, what about other disease. What if after this we have no one to help?”

Then Asan agreed, whatever happened, we should be together, through thick and thin. We are family.

I’m more than happy to hear that. He will take care of Adelea while I go for training, and the rest of the week, I’ll take care of Adelea, I’ll work from home. I also promised, I’ll cook the dishes on the night for tomorrow.

Sunday Morning, more rashes appear, and this time we think it’s already chronic. The most that we afraid of is the scar will not gone before we fly off next week. But as I told in previous entry, we were too late.

This is a good lesson to us. Do not take for granted if we saw something unusual at our kid’s body. We shouldn’t too worry at the same time we shouldn’t be too relax and thought everything will be fine. If I took more effort to check other body part, that morning, I might found other dots and I can immediately identify its chicken pox then we can send her to child specialist that Friday morning, take jab so the rashes won’t come out so many.

Well….lesson learned.

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