Thursday, 20 March 2014

Driving in the rain

Hukum sadis sangat bunyinya kan? I’m still not an efficient driver…well, at least not into it yet…but I’m improving from day to day. Ni hukum berlagak pulak. But, howsoever, I really missed the days when Asan sent & pick me up from office. Less headache.

There’s 1 day, it was raining in the morning, since the early morning (if I’m not mistaken, tidur mati, sejuk, tak sedar bila start hujan). So, the road must be already wet, and I already expected the traffic will slow, worse if have accident here and there. I was scared, but Asan assured me, the rain will stop before I went to work. It’s already too late to ask Asan to wait for me, so he can send me to office.

But, the rain did not stop. Once I’m in the car, I call him and ask “how to switch on the windshield wiper?” so he told me, and I understand his instruction.

“how to switch on the rear wiper?”

“oh…that’s not easy to teach from the phone. But, you no worries, you can still see well eventhough you not switch on the rear wiper”.


*facepalm* I feel like I want to take emergency leave. Thinking of I have report to submit, oklah bergadai nyawa dan kereta that day.

It was heavy traffic after the toll. I stop my car at the toll plaza side, and quickly call Asan again and force him to teach me how to switch on the windshield wiper in automatic mode. Tadi ngong sangat tanya how to switch on je. Ok, passed. The rear wiper?

“no worries no worries, just drive slowly. And don’t forget your signal. Takde apa-apa takde apa-apa”

So, I slowly drive back to the main road, and follow closely (not so close, but other car can’t cilok) behind a lorry. Only Allah knows how scared I was that time. I just think of Adelea, so I must be extra careful, so I can safely arrive at my office, Insya-Allah. There’s 1 point I need to change lane to the left, takutnya…scarier than kena marah dengan cikgu displin. Some more everybody is late, so everybody become less kind-hearted that day. No potong-potong. But, I tak potong lane pun, I just want to change lane.

I reach office around 10.30 am. I was on the road for 2 hours!. 2 hours for a journey that only take 30-45 minutes by car. OH MY!

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