Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lebihan nasi di malam hari

People say, it’s not good if we waste on food, especially rice in Malay life. There’s 1 malay pepatah “Sebutir beras ibarat setitik peluh petani”. So, if we kesian at the petani work so hard under the hot scotching sun, so don’t waste the rice. When I was a kid, I was intimidated with a myth that the rice will cry if we waste them. Tak kisahlah kan…but we certainly cannot waste on food. Parents; they have many ways to teach their child.

 I am against waste, definitely, but I have to admit, sometimes I do waste on foods. Example, the food from restaurant which is under my expectation…well….

Sometimes, it’s me who cook and the taste kelaut, so tak sangguplah nak makan, ke tong sampah la jawabnya.

But, I always left some food and will only throw it away the next morning. And most of it is this white rice.

The reason is, there’s 1 night, Adelea woke me up at 5 o’clock in the morning and ask for “naa”. “naa” is referring to “makan=eat”. And this “naa” is not chocolate or junk food, she wants white rice or plain mee.

I want to ignore her, because I thought she just talking in her sleep, but her eyes widely open and she still ask for “naa” when I ask her to go back to sleep. So, she’s not dreaming or mengigau or something, she really is hungry and she wants to eat.

I still hope she’s dreaming, but she get up from the bed too and follows me to the kitchen and patiently waiting for me to finish cook. I boil the spaghetti, and fry it with eggs and a bit of mixed vege. The instant frozen package 1. And she ate about less than 10 spoons of the fried spaghetti. After that she continues to sleep. It can be my fried spaghetti not taste good or she’s full.

But…5 o’clock in the morning, cook some more???? I really don’t want to have that ‘experience’ again. So, that’s why I always left some basic food, so if she woke me up again, I don’t have to cook, just feed her with the white rice.

Only white rice? YES.

Adelea until now, refuse to eat chicken, vege, fish unless I minced them and mixed with the rice. Not sure how she eats at taska, but when I asked the taska owner or her worker, whether Adelea eat chicken? Vege? Fish? Their answer will be “yes” all the time. That’s confused me.

Tapi, takpelah. Hopefully everything goes well.

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