Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I think it has been quite a long time of no rain, I lost memory when the last time it rained. The weather super hot, my skin getting dryer and I easily fatigued. Then we face water rationing after long dry spell hit few states. Luckily, my house area not badly affected. Hopefully until forever. The conditions worsen with many occurrence of open burning nearby my housing area. The wind flew the dirt from the burns and we smell nothing other than smoke.

 *Picture:Courtesy of my Committe WA Group*

What I worried the most is Adelea. This poor air conditions is not good for her health. I still continue to give her the puff-medicine (for her viral-induced-wheezing she got last time), and force her to drink more plain water. Force, ok, force. Really force. No iPad until you take your drink, no bearby until you take your drink, no cookies until you take your drink. Sometimes, we successfully force her, but sometimes she use her most powerful weapon --- crying out loud --- then we just keep quiet. Don’t complaint me. Terpaksa.

People say, we only appreciate something when we lost it. It so true. If no heavy rain, drizzling kind-of-rain is still fine. Although it only last for few minutes, we’ll be very grateful for that.

So, when it starts to rain over the past few days, Ya Allah….syukur sangat-sangat. It was raining heavily at my housing area and the news reported it also raining in other parts of Malaysia. Thanks Allah for the rain. The haze lessens, the sky’s brighter and after so long, I saw the sun ray from inside my house. Syukur Alhamdulillah. It was beautiful. Now only I realize it’s beautiful and praying in my heart, I’ll see the sun ray again.

Yesterday, while Adelea and I were entering the car to go to Taska, there’s a sound of airplane flying, and Adelea say “miiiii….eeeplane…” while pointing her finger up. We saw an airplane, the view is very clear.

“byeeee” Adelea said. “miiiii….eeeplane no” --à airplane no --à airplane takde.

….the airplane flies through the clouds and lost from our eyes. After many days of us only hear the sound of airplane and Adelea confused when she can’t spot the airplane on the sky because of the thick haze, what we saw just now is such an amazing moment.

Hujan rahmat. Thanks Allah.

Semoga kita semua diberi kesihatan yang baik dan sentiasa menjadi orang yang sentiasa bersyukur.

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