Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Chicken Pox Story

This is Adelea few days ago. It’s been about 4 weeks since she got the chicken pox. Alhamdulillah, there’s no side effect or other complication from that. She’s getting healthier and the best part is she’s now “ok” if we want to take her picture.

In the past, she loves to play with my make-up especially with my compact powder, and after she applied the powder onto her face, she’ll look at the mirror & smile to herself. Sometimes she’ll call me “maa maa maa” and she’ll keep calling me until I say “cantiknyaaaaaaa”.

Fefeeling pretty sangat.

She loves taking picture also. There’s few times, she make-up bearby (her bear’s name), and ask Asan to take their picture together, she will lift up her thumb & index finger of both hands and say “peace”. Then quickly ask for the camera to see her picture. OMG you are so me!

But since the chicken pox, since all the rashes come out all over her body & face, she totally reject us to take her picture, she’ll cover her face with her 2 hands and say “NO NO NO”. I suppose she’s embarrassed looking at her own face with all that rashes & scabies.

So, Alhamdulillah…..she’s back. That above picture is requested by her; ask Asan to take her picture with her lovely bearby.

When I look at her, act this way, suddenly made me think “how was I when I got the chicken pox?”


I was staying at my sister’s house, doing my practical there. I don’t remember how, but I found few shingles on the chest of my sister’s youngest kid (she have 3 kids, I called them First, Second and Third…easy). So Third is the 1st one infected with chicken pox. Every chicken pox, we will have the 1st or the biggest shingles that we call “ibu”, but Third change it to “Raja”. Third say “Raja is more powerful than ibu”.

Ok. Make sense. Whatever.

After that, my sister got it. She got 1 week medical leave. How heaven was that.

Then, it’s First turn to get the chicken pox. First was very happy…very very very happy…..keep on singing la la la la la la. Errr…aren’t we supposed to feel scared or sad because it’s totally not fun to get the chicken pox. Itchy…what else…cannot eat this cannot eat that.

But, they all ngelat one. All went to see doctor to get the jab, so it reduces the amount of wounds come out and less itchy. I think.

Some of the chicken pox symptoms is we will get high fever. One night (it’s Saturday), I got headache, its very pain (betul ke ayat very pain ni?) I can’t stand up, I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything. Second is very kind-hearted, Second’s the one who helps to massage my head, eventhough it was 2 @ 3 am in the morning. Senang cerita, that night, Second’s the one that look after me. Get me some water...waaa…..I love you second.

My sister said that I’ll be the next to get the chicken pox. I don’t want to believe that. eventhough 1 week notice seems so best that time.

The next morning, doctor confirms that I was infected with chicken pox. 1 week MC, whoaaahhhhh…..!!! When I see the MC only I feel excited. I don’t have to update the excel worksheet anymore. Cool!!!

Since that, Second stay away from me. Second said “I’ll get the chicken pox if I come near you”. wahhhhh sedih…nobody massage my head anymore. Ok, actually I don’t feel headache anymore.

On Monday, my sister calls “I’ll go back earlier today, Second got chicken pox”.

Bahahahahaha…laugh at you Second. From Third to my sister to First to me, it takes about 1 week gap to infect another. But Second got it 2 days after me. bahana being too kind massage my head perhaps.

So, that week, second & I spend time together at home. Doing OUR THING, which I can’t remember other than continue to sleep after everybody went out to office and school.

Doing nothing seems the best thing…was.

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