Monday, 10 March 2014

On the way…

Long awaited person is coming.

Alhamdulillah. Now entering the 2nd trimester.

I’m so excited to start blog about it, but since some say it’s not really a good thing to announce “I’M PREGNANT!!”, I just keep this to myself. It’s not easy…but I did tell my family & also family in law. And some of my colleagues. And some of my old friends. Ok, that’s quite a lot.

Ok, I’m not sure what the significance is if we announce it earlier. But, logically, psychologically, I think it related to the mother’s or the family’s feeling. Just imagine, if we announce it, then everybody keep congrats to us, then we feel so happy to the moon, but after that, something happen (example miscarriage)…..of course it’ll break the mother’s heart, right? So, just follow the old folk’s advice. There’s reason why something being made into life practice. Eventhough that reason is unexplainable, just follow. Old folks --- they have eaten salt more than us. Gitu….direct translation sangat!

So, now, the phase of watch out your words, your attitude, your mind…..start again. Terkenan bayi, they say.

In Malay culture, there are lots of myths which if we not follow it, something bad might happen. Ok, like I said before, there’s reason why something is brought into life practice, but I still believe everything happened is all being planned by Allah S.W.T. and has reason why something good or bad happened to us. That’s the beauty of having faith with religion (Islam of course), made us redha with all the conditions happened to us.

Doa banyak2, hopefully Allah jaga anak yang kita kandung ni. Insya-Allah.

Ok, that’s all for the big announcement I had tell earlier. Sorry for making you wait for so long.

Oooppppsss…what do you mean you don’t wait at all????


  1. tahniah akak.. agak dah bila tgk perut dlm pic cm besar je perut... tp selagi tn bdn x announce kitesenyap je.. tahniah again.. jaga baby elok2 :)

  2. Tahniah kak Ros!..nak jugak, tapi takde rezeki happy, x mo stress2..take care!

    1. Thanks Azu...takpe..usaha lagi....usaha kan tangga kejayaan...hehehe..

  3. congrats...yeayyy adelea becoming 'kakak' soon