Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Overtake 3 lorries

As I mentioned before, I still not dare to change lane to the right to overtake the car in front of me. I’ll just drive slowly behind a car, until I reach the area that I have change lane to the left. that’s why I don’t mind driving behind a lorry, because people cannot blame me for driving so slow. *pffftttt*

So one day, after the toll, I was behind a Speedmart lorry and the lorry speed is 60/km/hr only. Which I can’t wait. I need to overtake this lorry. From the side mirror I saw, the car from the right lane is still too far. My heart beats fast, I give signal to the right, change lane, and my heart beats even fast because I saw another lorry which is the same size of the speedmart lorry, I need to increase speed to overtake those two.

Increase speed to???
90/km/hr. something that I don’t want to do. Please help!!!

But, my right feet just pressing the accelerator pedal, but but but but…..

….there is a fuel truck in front, not far from those 2 lorries. So, if I go back to the left lane it’s useless I overtake those 2 lorries because I’ll still stuck behind the fuel truck. I really don’t know what to do, but my feet keep on pressing the accelerator pedal and I saw it’s already 100/km/hr. And I never drive at this speed alone not even when Asan’s beside me.

Just after I passed the fuel truck, immediately I give signal to the left, change lane to the left and slow down my speed to 80/km/hr back.

I was scared, but…. I feel so thrilled. Ha ha ha ha

more or less of my imagination

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