Monday, 3 March 2014

time flies so fast

“It’s Sunday alreadyyyy……”

That was my 1st lazy thought when I woke up yesterday morning. Apart from being thankful for “I’m still alive”, I found myself tak syok because I feel I still don’t get enough rest as tomorrow start to work back.

Back in my university time (can’t remember which part), my accounting lecturer always give a brief Tazkirah before he starts the class.

*tazkirah can be referred as speech*

One of the tazkirah is about “tanda-tanda kecil Hari Kiamat – masa cepat berlalu”. I can’t remember the exact words.

I cannot remember the contents of his Tazkirah, so I don’t know how to explain more on this. I google a bit, and this is the nearest *and most brief* that I can relate to his tazkirah.

I got this from this blogspot.
Owner:if you not allowed me to post from your blog, let me know ya.

I’m not expert on this, so you can take my words or just ignore it. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t want to be someone who passed on wrong information. But, whatever it is, sama-sama kita ambil pengajaran ok.

Back to yesterday morning, I woke up late actually. So, I just continue my sleep. And I dreamed.

In my dream, I was at my parent’s house. It was cold, very cold as now we are in winter. When I look outside my parent’s house it was snow all over the house. My parent’s house back area, has become a white field.

 And you know another sign is snow falling down at desert? We heard news about that right? And after that news about snow at Mount Kinabalu? And then also at Indonesia? I don’t know the news is fact or rumors.

And everybody in the house (I don’t know who) just waiting what’s going to happen next. And suddenly, the white field explodes with so much water going up on the air, just like the volcano spewing out the lava. Someone hug me, because we know the water will falling down onto our house and we might drown. But, after few seconds nothing falling down. I go out from the house, to check where the water goes, but I don’t see anything up other than the bright sky.

I woke up – oh that’s just a dream. Magically, I fall to sleep back, easily.

I dream again, same situation, its snow. This time my Chinese friend is in there. We changing text “it’s the end of the world. Take care of yourself and your family”.

Wonder how, Maxis and Digi still got connection that time.

Then we heard there are big wave coming and everybody started to run to save themselves. I’m about to run, but then I woke up.

It was a very horrible dream. This time I can’t continue my sleep anymore. I could not bear to have another snowy & water dream. So I get of my bed, clean up my face and prepare for the breakfast.

I don’t know what the meaning of my dream, just that I know, Hari Kiamat is something that Allah S.W.T has promised. And as a Muslim, we should prepare ourself for the Big Day. Maybe the dream is “permainan syaitan” as it was after Subuh time.

But, whatever it is, Hari Kiamat will come. Believe in Hari Kiamat/Akhirat is one of the 6 pillars of Rukun Iman, right?

So, take note.

Rukun Iman:
1-Beriman kepada Allah S.W.T.
2-Berimana kepada Malaikat
3-Beriman kepada Kitab
4-Beriman kepada Rasul
5-Beriman kepada Hari Akhirat
6-Beriman kepada Qada’ dan Qadar.

So, take care guys. Have a nice & prosperous Islamic day ahead.

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