Friday, 4 April 2014

Baju turun temurun

If we went back to Asan parent’s hometown, one of the places that we will go is Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). 1st time we went there, we was over excited, because we heard they sell cheap-cheap one.
For example, a designer handbag that normal price is RM5000, sell at RM2500. That’s cheap, but not for me. Still not my rezeki to own a designer handbag. I’m still at Charles & Keith level, and I thankful for that.
(one day….one day…the day will come)

When we went there, the must buy item that I’ll buy is La Senza. But, I stop not long after that, after I knew, the normal boutique also having the same sale & discount. La Senza at JPO cannot use membercard to collect points. So I stop, and only aim at Adelea’s clothes and Charles & Keith.

Our recent visit to JPO, I borong clothes for Adelea. Kasihan Adelea. I told before, she keeps growing, and makin tinggi, the currents pants that she always wore now is hanging at her ankle already. And I kind of parents that calculative to buy expensive or fit size clothes for kids. They grow up fast, sometimes, the clothes still look new but have to be kept in store because cannot fit anymore.
So my way, I’ll buy 1 size bigger for her, jimat, can last for 1 year. Guna sehabis baik.

People say, it’s ok buy expensive or fit size for Adelea, because she’s going to have brothers and sisters later.
Haaaaa…..that I don’t want. When I was a kid, I had enough of wearing baju turun temurun. From my 1st sister to 2nd to 3rd to 4th to me, some until my younger sister….I really had enough with that kind of tradition. I don’t want to implement that to my kids. I don’t blame my parents la, kena sedar diri sikit.
So, baju Adelea is baju Adelea, use it until it become so buruk, then just buang or become kain buruk. Her brothers and sisters, mommy will buy new one.

Maybe because I already siap-siap set my mind with that, without realizing it, I really do it that way now.
But, I limit it to her normal day clothes. Those clothes for special occasion, for example Hari Raya or baju jalan-jalan, I buy proper size for her. I did bought some with bigger size, but I takdelah pakaikan hari-hari, we are not in holiday everyday. Average once in 2 months, so, 1st day of wearing it, nampaklah gedoboh, 2nd time dah nampak fit-fit.
Sometimes, I pair the big size clothes with other outer clothes such as jumpsuit or I tuck in the shirt. Ahhh….pandai-pandailah nak jimat. If malu nak kata jimat, when people said “besarnya baju” replied it with “this is called style, in trend now”.

*dongak dagu buat muka kerek sikit*

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