Monday, 14 April 2014

Fight for cheaper legging

Cotton On Kids has been my favourite since 2 years ago, when I first discover their kidswear are all so cute, from the top to accessories. All are “must buy”. I even love them more during sale time, because they’ll mark down their price to a very cheap price, I can go crazy and just grab everything without even thinking of overbudget or not.

The day that we went to JPO recently, they are having sale, so I borong clothes for Adelea. Those normal t-shirt is sell at RM10 and RM15.  I grab few (many actually) all size 3 *Adelea not yet 3 years old*, and I took 2 leggings, the price is RM60 for 2. Quite expensive for me, for that thin fabric. But, takpelah. Excuse for these two.
Nike tag is for Adelea new shoe. The converse shoe that we bought last few months dah almost tak muat for her feet. Rasa membazir sangat, RM180 hoccay! lepas handbag mak

When the cashier scans the 1st legging, I saw the price on the screen is RM19. In my heart, I already say “wow” “yes”, it’s cheaper than the display price. Then she scans the 2nd legging, the price shown in the screen is RM34. What?????

Then, she clicks the 1st legging code on the screen, and changes the price to RM30. She did the same on the 2nd legging. So now, total for both become RM60, as what the displayed price. I don’t intend to cheat, but I already not happy when I know the actual value of that thing is only RM19, or if not their actual value, they used to sell it at cheaper price. And today, they want to sell it at RM30????

So, I tell the cashier, I want to cancel the leggings because I think it’s too expensive for me. Ohhhh I don’t mind to tell people I miskin & cannot afford. I don’t care.

The cashier seems refuse to cancel it, but I argue and argue and argue *in a very diplomacy way* *I miskin but I still have manners*, and seriously show to her that I want to cancel the leggings, she gave up and offered me at a price RM20 per piece.

I immediately agreed.

It’s not that I want to cheat, but, you also a customer to another shops, of course you’ll feel not happy if you know the price used to sell at a cheaper price, right? So, 1st off all, siap2 tukarlah kan dalam system. Or jangan bagi your customer sees it.

*Goods sold are not returnable, so saya beli ya”

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