Thursday, 3 April 2014

GoPro and Langkawi

World today is so advance, the people I mean. Uncountable sophisticated technology invented from day to day, keeping pace with the human needs.
I 1st found out “what is GoPro” is from Tomok’s Instagram. The pictures he took look nice and he not only captures his face, but his whole body, together with his family and also with the nice view at the back. Some phones have self-portrait, but that limits to face.
So…self-portrait is considered out-dated already, when GoPro technology hit the market. Ha ha ha.
Few days before we went to Langkawi last time, Asan brought home this.

the name is GoPole for GoPro. Am I right?
*Picture from google*

So at Langkawi, from the LCCT to be exact, we start did some selfie. Tapi tak payah tunjuklah those pictures yang bukan-bukan. I just show you some which I think is ok for sharing.
Before that, there are some pictures with Asan’s friends that I have to hide the face because, I malas to minta izin to publish their picture in my blog. We should respect other’s privacy right?

actually, in this picture, only both of us and some of the kids are looking at the camera, the parents are looking at their own kid, but still I cover lah ok.
Having our late lunch at 1 of the best laksa in Langkawi.

It's so windy up there. Seriously.

My 1st trial taking picture using GoPro. Look at how Adelea's sit???

See...the view can be captured to the far.

Last but not least, the must take picture place if we visit Langkawi - Dataran Lang.

But but but….Asan said, there is another better one, GoPro+ Hero. When he said that, never I thought he will sold the old one and buy the new one. The life of the 1st GoPro with him is only few weeks.

Man… comment.

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