Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How we measure Adelea’s height

Currently, we are using this. hehehe.

Adelea likes the magnet very much. Maybe because it full of colours and have many attractive pattern.
One day, we found out that, she can touch the magnets that we place at the very bottom of the board, eventually, she starts to learn how to remove them. She was so proud of her so called “achievement” and showed her catch to us with big smile. We have to say “yeaaaaa good” eventhough I know, Asan is not happy with what we saw. Ha ha ha. I know Asan; he loves his harta so much.

Later I show to you his other valuable-cannot-be-traded-in-harta. Remind me.
So “Adelea dah tinggi”. We said.
So, later, we squeezed the magnets that we place on the above board and moved the magnet at the bottom, a bit higher so Adelea can’t touch it.
Luckily, she didn’t request us to remove for her. She did sometimes, together with loud scream, so we place the pink ulat to frighten her. But, sometimes, if Asan is not at home, and she requests for it, I’ll just give to her. Kasihan. Biasalah….mak….
Long after that, she managed to touch and removed the fridge magnet again.
Ok, Adelea semakin tinggi.
So we squeezed the magnet again, and moved them a bit higher.
It was few times already, and I don’t know how to explain to her that those are not toys and she can’t play with that, at all. I don’t want to say “its ayah’s belonging, cannot touch”. It’ll give bad impression to her father. I don’t want her to feel “ok, my dad isn’t sporting”….u know….kind of feeling. Although, I have no idea if she’ll think that way or not.


  1. Kak rose, board tu nak cr mana? Jenuh gak nak mengalih kalau anak buah datang.. fm kite byk gak dah arwah..huhu

    1. Muzai, kat ikea kat floor bawah. exact tempat tak ingat...