Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Milo Toasties

I always want to have “mother and daughter” activity with Adelea. No need extravaganza one, just a simple activity, something that can stimulate her motor skills, or ok, maybe not that wholesome activity, maybe just watching TV together.

And recently, Milo is having breakfast Campaign *do checkout their website*. Few bloggers that I follow also write about this Milo campaign, so when I bloghopping, their latest entry is all about Milo. Reading their entry, together with the yummy picture, made me remembered back about my homemade Milo Biscuit. Yummmm yummmm….

So I decided, this weekend, I’ll make Milo Toasties for breakfast. I cannot make the Milo Biscuit, because condensed milk is needed. I don’t have condensed milk at home. So, Milo Toasties consider as fine la.

I involved Adelea in making *I tell Adelea we baking* the Milo Toasties. What she says is only “tingggg”. Ok, whatever.

First, I cut the bread crust. Because, I don’t like it, Asan too…so we taught Adelea the same. Eat from the middle of a folded bread slice. hehehehe.

Then I spread a thin layer of Nutella, because I don’t have anything else to make the Milo powder stick on the bread.
Using the tea sifter, I sift the Milo powder on the bread, and this is the moment that amazed Adelea. She requests to sift it by herself.

Since we all have taught her not to eat the bread crust, she still eats the bread from the middle, despite I have cut the bread crust. Heheheh.

Adelea and I finish 1 loaf of bread. Only 2 slices left, the top and the bottom of the bread that have crust on one side.

We had so much fun, eventhough I’m so afraid she’ll sift the Milo all over the table. But, luckily she’s not. Since she followed my baking instruction well, I’m planning to have more baking/cooking activity with her in future.

But, before that, she definitely needs an apron. To make the baking session more real.

Don’t you feel the same? 

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