Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Pakcik, Keropok Lekor seller

I was having my lunch at xxxx. Nasi putih, Sup Campur, Telur Asin and a pinch of super duper spicy Sambal Belacan put on top of a slice of cucumber. How yummy is that. Not to forget, Sirap Limau Ais to match with the meal. Pedas…tapi…sedap.

Tengah makan, come this old pakcik, age around 50-60…I think. He sells keropok lekor. He tries to sell to us. You know some sellers, if we say no…takpelah..takpelah..senyum sikit..or geleng kepala meaning…WE DON’T WANT, THANK YOU!...the seller will just go away and try their luck with another customers in that restaurant. But, this pakcik’s not.

We have said no...tak makan…takpe…(senyum) he still handing the packet to us. I look at my friends, my friends look at me, and we look at each other…Pakcik still handing the packet to us. Then he starts to bercerita about his family, in kelantanese or Siamese language. I don’t really understand, but hati I sentap when he mentioned “anak”. Terus…hati keibuan I ni rasa nak beli.

After another takpe…takpe, finally Pakcik give up and went away from our table, try his luck at another table. I think customer beside our table bought from him. It’s ok pakcik. Maybe your rezeki is not from us today.

The next day, I asked my friend, what yesterday Pakcik is telling about. They say, pakcik say,

“Pakcik ada anak 4 orang, tengah belajar….”

Ok, enough.

If what he tries to tell us is true, I pity him. I can imagine how hard it is to raise 4 kids, and as a family head, he has to ensure he can provide enough for his kid; food, education, shelter, clothes…and others. I hope his kids grown up being a good man/woman so they can pay back on what their father have done for them. I orang susah, I know.

But, if pakcik telling lies…ok…I don’t want to think more, let’s leave it to Allah S.W.T. the main point here is….

I don’t normally buy from this selling, then its keropok lekor, which I still have few packets at home waiting to be fried. Sometimes, Asan & I fight over it, because he asks me to fry them, but my answer always “nanti….nanti...bila free”. When I’m free a bit, I don’t fry them pun. Berapi la hati dia.

I really cannot face this kind of situation, especially when the seller is kids. If kids, I always think of my kids, and pray they don’t have to face this kind of situation to continue to live. Thanks Allah S.W.T also, I don’t have that kind of life when I was younger. When pakcik or makcik tua is the seller, I always think of myself, I pray, when I old, I have enough savings, and I don’t have to face that kind of situation. Bukan apa, we won’t know how is our life when we were old. Right?

So, don’t be rude to all those sellers. Kita tak tahu nasib kita macam mana. Walau annoying macam mana pun mereka, they are human, treat them like a human. Not only human la, we should do good to all creatures. We are all Hamba. We won’t know when we will be on top, when we will jatuh terduduk. Hidup susah.

On the other notes, I did mention that Adelea’s pants currently hanging at her ankle right. On the same day, I bought 5 t-shirts match with 5 leggings for her daily outfit. 10 pieces for RM62.

It’s cheap & worth it right? The quality is the same with the ciplak-branded clothing. First time I found shop that sell ciplak-branded clothing at that cheap price. Feel like want to buy more, but, later la.

Till then, bye.

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