Thursday, 24 April 2014

Which one is heater button?

Few days ago, I learned (in a hilarious way) about heater button in my car. Seriously, I don’t know, and I never know what that button called and I’m not even known what its function is.

That time, I’m going home from my office. It rained when I reached my car. I start the engine as usual, but, 10 to 15 seconds after, suddenly, all the mirrors of my car became foggy. I turn on the wiper button, like I normal do when I rained, but the foggy still there. I was panicked, because, I totally cannot see clearly outside the car.

So, I called my driving-lifesaver – Asan, of course – and ask him how to defog the windows.

Asan said: turn on the heater button.

Me: which 1 is the heater button?

Asan: Button that has picture of heats coming in?

Me: how heats coming in look like?


Me: Where where where???

Then Asan asked me to check the button at the steering, at the wiper and light knob, everywhere….we really had World War 10th you know. The problem is now, it’s not that my car doesn’t have heater button, I don’t even recognize the symbol of heater.

My iPhone speaker is broken, so, I can’t Facetime with him. You know la kan, masa we really need that technology, masa tu la itu rosak, ini rosak!! Last…I snap picture of all buttons that my car have.

That time, tulis nak laju…ni la jadinya. Actually nak tulis – kat tempat kunci takde button.

Haru sangat. That very time ask me to open the manual book. The situation is the same like I’m having exam in 5 minutes, and I’m just open the textbook. Not helping at all idea suruh buka manual and find which is heater button.

Last picture below Asan resend back the picture that have heater button, which I actually dah tekan masa kelam kabut try & error which button will help to defog the windows. No wonder the fog gone.

But, before he resend the picture, I already call my colleague who still in the office to show to me which 1 is heater button. The reason I don’t call her earlier is because it’s rain outside, so, if possible tak payahlah nak susahkan orang sampai kena basah-basah semata-mata nak show to me which one is heater button. Nasib baik my colleague ni ok.

Ya Allah…thanks sangat-sangat. I really was panicked, and rasa nak masuk office balik. But think of I’ll be late to fetch Adelea, ku turutkan hujan dan foggy. Ku redah. Alhamdullilah, I selamat balik.

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