Thursday, 15 May 2014

Clumsy her

Suddenly I talk about clumsy ni, because few days ago, we went to Sen Heng to buy a new Thermo Pot. The one that we have has broken after only 7 months we bought. The salesgirl that served us, from my observation, is a bit clumsy, which I as the customer feel a bit “not likes it”. First, we decided to buy a kettle, because the salesgirl before that salesgirl said, they don’t sell thermo pot. Our mistake also, we also cannot remember the name is thermo pot, we say “kettle yang besar”. Hahahaha. Ok, never mind.

The salesgirl bent down to look for the box. She found it, and when she about to lift up the box, it fell from her hands. In my opinion, if it’s from glass material, it’ll be broken with that such impact. I was “issssshhhh”….quite loud. She maybe understood that “isssshhhh” meaning, instead of she took the fell box, she took the new one.

On the way to tester counter, I saw thermo pot on my left. So we cancel the kettle, and start survey for a good thermo pot.

We saw this one, from brand Faber, it have Chlorine Purifying system which other thermo pot available there don’t have. I ask the salesgirl, what’s Chlorine Purifying System really do? The salesgirl said “tak pastilah” and she keep stood beside us. Oh what la this girl. Then I ask again, she gave the same answer and without looking at her I said softly “takkan itu cara jawab dengan customer, if tak tahu tanyalah atau apa2 yang patut dari berdiri je…….”

Heard that, from where she stood, she shout at her other salesgirl not far from us “APA FUNCTION CHLORINE PURIFYING DIA?” oh my…..apa jenis salesgirl macam ni nih?

The other salesgirl reply “untuk bersihkan klorin”

Fine. Itu aku pun tau kalau setakat nak bagi direct translation.

Then I asked “when did it purify the chlorine?” Saja tanya soalan bodoh, and the other salesgirl a bit hesitant to answer. Clearly they don’t know, but pretend they know.

Don’t want to make the things worse, I asked “masa masak ke?” bagi soalan bodoh dalam jawapan bodoh jugak. hahaha. Saja nak sakitkan hati diorang. Then the other salesgirl said “aah” and quickly served the customers next to her.

This thermo pot is to boil water, of course la all functions functioned during boiling. Lain la ada function to turn the plain water to coffee, then that function could be after boiling. I don’t mind, if they don’t know, but, if they don’t know, don’t act like they know and look at us as someone who knows nothing. At least ask someone expert.

Ok, back to the salesgirl.

The thermo pot is ok when she tested it. Then…kemuncak ke-clumsy-an dia terserlah, when she not managed to put back the thermo pot into the box. Hadoiiilllaaaaa…..I just ignore her and walk away from that counter. Later I saw, she called another salesgirl to help.

At home, when I open the box, I saw this on the thermo pot.

Kuku panjang! Tak potong! Ok, benda kecil, but, I’m very sure masa tengah kelam kabut masukkan thermo pot into the box, one of them terumpil the plastic cover. I totally not happy already. but, takpelah, small matter. Just think that maybe they are new…hopefully they manage to change. Semua orang pernah mengalami situatsi clumsy ni.

So nampak tak, how the customer lost confident if we act clumsy?

 Whatever pun, I got my new Thermal Pot. Rumah ada budak kecik yang still minum susu, air panas ni essential tau.