Wednesday, 28 May 2014

It’s a Telekung

Yes…that’s it; a homemade Telekung for my beloved daughter. I’m so happy and exhausted, as I thought it was easy to made one. It’s not….especially at the face part, where we put the elastic band on the top of the face. My reference is only from internet, many of them mentioned about it’ll be a bit difficult to get the right measurement. On their first time, they also keep on redo many times until they become expert. But, it’s ok, more or less I know a bit about the trick.

Why Telekung?
Because, one day I realize Adelea refuse to follow Solat with me, so I thought maybe because I rarely ask her to join.

My parents always pray together, and some prayers, my father will read it out loud. It’s common for Adelea to see it, she rarely cry or disturb them, as she knows “atuk & nenek solat, you keep quiet”.
When I took her with me, when I asked her to join, she’ll love to join. She’ll say “allah barrrr” everytime she changes movement, and her lips move as she reads in the solat.

We always pray in silent, and rarely asked her to join, so maybe she’s not being encouraged enough, that’s why she lose interest already. Sometimes, when we called her for Solat, she’s busy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Hi-5, she not even turn face to us. Well, sometimes we also “kejap kejap” when we are watching our favourite movies, ignoring the time is nearing to a new waktu already.

So, I keep on thinking, what I should do to bring back her interest. Then I remembered one day, as usual, I ask her to join me, she follows, but this time, she request to wear my Telekung and ask me to wear her scarf (her scarf is my inner Telekung my MIL gave to me, I told her that was her Telekung). Definitely la cannot. Then she cried.

Thought of that, I decided I’ll buy for her a Telekung for kids.
But, when I search for Telekung for kids, I cannot find the white colour. Most of it is from lycra material and colourful. Which…I don’t like it. Then come the idea, why don’t I just make 1 for her. It cannot be that difficult. Jahit lurus kot.

It took me average 2 days to complete one Telekung. It easy, except the elastic part at face area I mentioned before. It took me about one day for that part only because I keep on hatching back the seam, re-measure the elastic band, sew againmany times. If not, I think, it can be completed for one day.


  1. im sooooooo impressed with your effort! akak nih beli telekong ready made je utk mya. dah tu mengharapkan dia blaja solat kt skolah je.

    1. rajin secara tiba-tiba.....hahaha