Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Palazzo – Abstract printed

This is my Xth times of sewing project (too many already), but the 3rd one that the sewing is completed. Completed here meaning, it can be worn. It’s not easy to say NO on something that we love to do. Regardless of how lazy we were, but if we have passion on it, the passion will overdo the lazy. Phewwwww….lap peluh.

An abstract printed Palazzo.

I thought of to wear it as my “baju jalan-jalan” (I have baju duduk rumah, baju jalan-jalan, baju kerja, etc), but it’s so comfortable, so I wear it more as pyjamas. I don’t know what the fabric material is, but it is the normal baju kurung fabric, jenis licin, tak tebal, tak nipis, really is comfortable.

I don’t have the stretchable thingy that normal palazzo have as the waistband, so I make it drawstring type. Some more, my tummy is going bigger and bigger from day to day, so I think drawstring is more suitable to me.

The sewing is a bit messy here and there, but it all covered with a long blouse/shirt. 

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