Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pictures from Mecca/Madinah

It’s been few days already since my mother, sister, brother and aunt went to Tanah Suci to perform Umrah. My brother posted many pictures of them, with a very beautiful background. Then we all start to discuss “ok ok we should start the fund for Umrah now, so we all can go next year, the whole family” kind of.

I too want to go, after seeing all the pictures. But, then I ask back myself “I want to go there because of Allah S.W.T or because I saw beautiful pictures and I saw other people go *more like a trend now* so, I don’t want to be left behind, I want to go too. I’m really not sure, because if I were to be given 2 free tickets; 1 to London 1 for Umrah, I‘m pretty sure I choose ticket to London.

People did suggest, if we want to perform Hajj or Umrah, do it while we were still young, at least we still managed to perform all the Ibadat well, no need help from others. Eventhough miracle happened there; ill become healthy, healthy become ill, *with Allah willing”, we all have to take pre-caution way. Tak bolehlah nak berserah tanpa usaha.

But, I’m pretty sure, I can see myself is heading to this direction. I found reading tafseer is more fun than reading the English book. I love to listen to Ikim.fm while I’m driving. I love to read blogpost or Facebook post that have Dua’ or positive words or advise from the Islamic view…if not, if I saw that post, I’m not even read the caption.

Harap-harap, this feeling stay with me forever. Kuatkan iman ku, Ya Allah.

*tajuk kata pictures, tapi sekeping picture takde…..walaupun…*

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